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The Road to ENGR. LEMU: ChE Licensure Examination Diary Series

Hi there! I know it’s been a while since the last time I posted a blog post here. I have a very good reason why and this is the agenda of this new blog post! I will still continue the Blogging101 series but I need to introduce a new series URGENT! As I said earlier, this is a personal blog and I want to share tidbits of my life and I believe this is one of the most important event of my life for the past 22 years!

The new series that I will launch is the “CHE Review Diary Series“. I’ve been busy this past two weeks setting up this series. Let’s have a little background of the launching. As I said in my “Discover Me” page, I am fresh graduate of BS Chemical Engineering and the next step after graduation is the so-called CHEMICAL ENGINEERING LICENSURE EXAMINATIONS this coming November 13 to 15. Here in the Philippines, for me to be called ENGR. Lemuel Beronio…. I need to have my license and before getting one you need to pass the Licensure Exams administered by the Board of Chemical Engineering of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). Basically, I need to pass the upcoming licensure exams to be called officially as an ENGR. BERONIO here in our country. This would be the very last step to achieve my dreams to become an ENGINEER.

The series will follow my five-months journey to become a Licensed Chemical Engineer and my official HASHTAG for this series is #ENGRbyNov2015. Basically, the ChE Licensure Exams is one of the notorious yet credible licensure examinations in the engineering licensure exams. There are many reasons why it is a notorious one. First, it is a three-day examinations covering three major subjects – Day 1 is the Physical and Chemical Principles which covers chemistry subjects which serves as the basic foundations of our field; Day 2 is the Chemical Engineering Principles which tests the examinees ability on the core subjects of our field which includes Unit Operations, Reaction Kinetics, Thermodynamics and ChE Calculations; Day 3 is the General Engineering Principles which looks the engineering foundations common to all engineers – Mathematics and Physics. Second, for an examinee to pass the licensure exams, one must get an average grade of 70% with no grade below 50% on any day of the exams. It means that even you get a perfect score on two exams but you get a score below 50 on one… you need to retake the exams on the next cycle of licensure exams. Lastly, it is notorious that the national passing rate of examinees is below 50% which may give you a clue that it is very hard to pass the ChE Licensure Exams.

Even though ChE Licensure Exams is quite notorious, a good preparation for the exams will make it from impossible to a possible one. As for me, my plans to accomplish this such big goal are the following:

1. Enroll myself in a review center for ChE Licensure Exams – I already did this and I enrolled myself in Manila Review Institute Inc., located at Morayta near FEU. My review schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Friday and review started last June 08. We are the second batch for this year review with the Sunday Class started last May and there will be another batch who will have their review every Tuesday and Thursday starting this July. For MWF class, there are two sessions (morning and afternoon) and two section per section. My section is taking up Day 3 subjects as of the moment.

2. Do a study plan for the upcoming months – It is already the end of June and it means it is only less than 5 months before the exams. As a Filipino famous line, “Ang topic na aaralin mo marami-rami pa pero ang araw na natitira ubos na ubos na.” I know it is an exaggeration since there are still many days left but the scope of the things you need to review is quite large. This is the reason I made my own study plan for the review to serve as my guide for the next months. The study plan is also suggested by the lecturers in the review center. Every study plan is unique since it is up to you how to do it. For me, I started with the Day 3 subjects since I need to develop my basic foundations and I am planning to follow Day 1 then Day 2 as my general plan. I am also planning to finish my first round of review by the month of September and the month of October will be spent on battery exams to mimic the board exams (another term for licensure exams).

3. Use all available resources at hand – Before the start of the review, I gathered my old books, files and everything under the sun which I thought will be beneficial for the review. Some of the things I gathered are the 1001 Engineering Problems book which is said by passed examinees a very good reviewer for Day 3, my old books, my old test papers, bought review materials essentials like paper, pencil, ballpen, notebook, sticky notes and flaglets. I also bought index cards and ring binders which will be used as a collection of formulas which I can bring anywhere I want.

4. HAVE A GOAL IN MIND – Everything is a waste if you did not set a goal in your mind… and not just a simple goal… it must be the highest goal you want to achieve. For everyone, the goal is to pass the exams but for me, the goal is TO TOP THE BOARDS! Why such high goals? It is not about the recognition (BIG NO FOR ME!), the fame (again, A BIG NO!) and the monetary benefit (quite since it is a hefty sum). It is about setting my mind in a highest goal so that if ever you fail… at least the back step of it is the simple goal. If aiming just to pass, if ever you did not reach it… then the next things is you FAILED. But if you aim to be a topnotcher and you did not reach it… the next thing is YOU PASSED AND YOU ARE NOW A LICENSED ENGINEER 🙂

5. LEAVE THE REST TO GOD – In my ChE journey, I learned and experienced that whatever things I need to do, yes I need to do my effort but for it to be successful is not because of me but because “I leave to God Almighty the rest” In the years I’ve been with the Lord, I learn that all impossible things are possible as long as you FAITH with the LORD. Just like the many times, this one big and one last goal before everything else, I leave everything to the Lord God Almighty!

WEW!!! This post is quite long! Before I end up this blog post, I need to say few insights of the past few review days. In my review center, I’ve been learning many calculator techniques which I guess if only I knew it during college days… I guess life would be simple. As for my study plans, I am quite delayed because I am having hard time again (as always) to understand Plane Geometry and my laziness (still need to work on this) HEHE.

There are also things to look forward this coming day on my blog. I will be posting a new section called “IF YOU CARE” which will cover my honest opinions on random things in life. I’ve been craving to post something ever since. If you want to follow the ChE Review Diary Series, it is under the “ITS PERKY” section. I’ll keep you posted on this series and again, HAVE A GREAT AND AWESOME DAY AHEAD :D!



A Thomasian chemical engineer by profession but a happy kid inside who loves to keep everyone happy and positive. He tries to create this blog to enhance his communication skill and also share his insights to anyone.

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