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ChE Review Diary: Bitter Sweet Chocolate

HELLO THERE! It’s been days since my last post for this series. Internet connection at my dormitory is really bad (proving that my country has the “best” internet services in the world). I can only get good internet connection when I am at home and using context clues… yes, I AM HOME after three weeks staying in my dorm. I guess I really need a break at home. I am also enjoying the quite loose period of the review because starting September I’ll stay at my dormitory until the examinations is over.

How was the review so far? I already told here that I am not following the scheduled subjects being review in MRII (my review center). I’m still answering the 1001 Solved Engineering Problems book as my review material for Day 3 and I was able to finish up to now until Advanced Engineering Mathematics. So far, I was having a difficult time to answer problems regarding Maxima/Minima and Time Rates in Differential Calculus, Plane Geometry (weird fact: I easily understand Solid Geometry. Either I understand now Plane Geometry or I am weird) and Applications of Integral Calculus. I think I also need to refresh my knowledge on Differential Equations since I already forgot some concepts regarding the subject. I skip Spherical Trigonometry and I need to find someone who can teach me that subject since it was not touched when I was still in college.

As for the pacing in the MRII, we are already discussing Unit Operations starting with Fluid Mechanics and Filtration. Based from the discussions, I guess my professor in Momentum Transfer, Dean Abet, as we called him, was able to retain in our minds the basic foundations of Fluid Mechanics and Filtration. Since I am now reviewing Day 3 and not Day 2, I was not able to answer problems when we were discussing the problems in Fluid Mechanics and with that, I was not able to fully comprehend some discussions in the problem. With that, I am planning this short home break to insert some minutes to study the past lessons in the review center. I brought home a notebook for the new subject as well as my review materials from MRII. I’ll be downloading the lecture notes later πŸ˜›

Moving on with my pacing, I have some stories to tell you. First, I never thought of this event to happen in my ChE journey. Currently, our lecturer in MRII for Unit Operations is none other than Dr. Olano, one of the known pillars of our profession in the academe. He is a well-known professor in our school not just by students but by our professors as well. The most amazing part is that Dr. Olano was one of the professors who handle Dean Abet :O Dean Abet was one of the greatest teachers I’ve met because his style is to challenge the student’s capabilities in a basic and complex manner. Dr. Olano, being one of the mentors of the great professor I met, I guess was truly a great mentor as well and it is a very great privilege to be one of roster of students who handled Dean Abet. Second, I was able to secure a book of the recommended General Chemistry reviewer, Chemistry by Whiten I would like to take this moment to personally give thanks to my co-alumnus and former co-worker in the organization, Merle Valdulla, for allowing me to borrow her copy of the book plus she also gave me a copy of the Whiten’s Test Bank which is a really great bonus.

For my last story for this post, with all the stress of the review, a secret of success is to have a time off reviewing and reward or treat yourself with something. For this week, I went home and my mom is now preparing my favorite foods – sinigang na baboy and inihaw na bangus (grilled milkfish). Last week, the rewards of myself for a job well done for the past two weeks were a dine out in Sambokojin with Mitz, Paula, Kathleen and Andrea and also visited one of the four stores of Baskin Robbins here in the Philippines. I tried Maui Brownie Fudge and Jamoca Coffee Almond. I’ll be back again this coming week in Baskin Robbins since I’ve really enjoy the taste of their ice creams.

For this coming week, something to look forward to (not just the Baskin Robbins) is the start of the in-house review in our school called “ExChELE” or Excellence in ChE Licensure Exams which is the new name of LEChE Plan. It is a program of our department to help us in the preparation of the upcoming Licensure Exams since it is not just for our glory but their glory as well. Here in our country, schools compete to become a part of the topnotcher’s list in the Licensure Exams. I’ll guess I’ll give you the latest happenings on this event on my next blog. Also, as I promise last time, I’ll be putting up a new section in the coming days and just wait for it. I’ll guess I’ll end this post here and as always




A Thomasian chemical engineer by profession but a happy kid inside who loves to keep everyone happy and positive. He tries to create this blog to enhance his communication skill and also share his insights to anyone.

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