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Hello there everyone!! I would like to welcome you in my very first #IFYOUCARE post! I am very sorry it took almost a month before I can post a new one because of my review schedule. Do not worry I am still alive and I am still learning to do a quite good personal blog. For the pioneer post in this section I want to share my honest opinions on MAPOTI: Most Annoying People On The Internet.

Basically in my free time, I just watch any random video in YouTube that interest me and quite a few times I end up subscribing in their channel if I find it very very interesting. The very first channel I subscribed was “nigahiga” led by Ryan Higa, a famous Youtuber. I could still remember one of the videos I watched in his channel and learn about MAPOTI or an acronym he made which means MOST ANNOYING PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET. If you want to watch it just click the video above (credits to Ryan Higa and you may also subscribe in his channel by clicking here.)

I know there are times that maybe we became annoying for some of our social media friends but lately, I found someone that recently that really annoys me. The story behind this topic was when I was finding what to tell for the very first post for the new section (since I badly wanted to put this new section up in the blog), I was navigating in my social account whether I could find a worldwide trending topic then here came the idea of the first post pop up when I saw my friend’s account. I know this may sound like I am backstabbing my friend but I would like to clear the situation, I already told him once about this and I would tell his answer in a while. The thing that I annoys me with this friend of mine is the content of his posts. Let me give you an example.




I just feel so….


This is just a very few annoying post in his social media account. The summary of his entire posts in his account basically will tell you that his social media account is his brain where every thought will be put there. Here’s a comparison on how he use his account: the total no. of post he has in his social account for the past four years is two to three times more than the local and even international celebrities for the past five or more years. When I told him about it, he admitted that he uses the social account as a place where everything he thought will be put there. In my head, I guess you should also tell everyone the time you use the bathroom, you take a bath and what are your thoughts while sitting in the magical throne. I do not know if he knows it or he is aware of it, but it looks like he is an attention-seeking person the way he uses his social account. I know we are living here in the Philippines and we have freedom of speech and I guess what I’m saying now is also a freedom of speech. The funny thing is that I am not the only one who notice his activities in social media. I knew some already mute him because some of his tweets is unnecessary.

Aside from his social media behavior, there are also some attitudes that annoys me a lot – sudden mood swings and teasing others but he becomes pissed when you tease him back (the so-called “asar-talo” in Filipino). Still, I consider him as friend of mine since I learn (the hard way) that there are no perfect friends and you should know how to look at his good side whenever you face him and look at his bad side so you can be careful around him. On the bright side, you can easily know from his post whether he is or is not in the bad mood. Well I guess that is it for the first post here in #IFYOUCARE section. I’ll also post very soon updates on my other sections and also a new one here. To give you an insight on the next post, it is about the color YELLOW! This is it for now and as always




A Thomasian chemical engineer by profession but a happy kid inside who loves to keep everyone happy and positive. He tries to create this blog to enhance his communication skill and also share his insights to anyone.

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