Just finish watching Game 2 of UAAP MBS Finals for this season and UST HAS A SECOND CHANCEEE #LeggoGame3 I know that we will have the crown back to ESPANYA this year! GO TIGERS!!!!! RAAAAWR! But this is not about the game… I want to tell you something…. (sings Carly Rae’s Really Like You in the background) On a serious note, I just want to share something…


At November 23, 2015… MONDAY… at around 5:30PM…


As I see that name in the list… I was crying really hard on my bed telling myself… “IS THIS REALLY TRUE? AM I DREAMING?” All the tensions, doubts and every negative feelings I felt for the past week while waiting for this vaporized into thin air and I was filled with JOY, LAUGHTER, HAPPINESS, CONTENTMENT and importantly…Β I FEEL BLESSED!Β 

Yes… I can officially add four letters in my name a few days ago… I AM NOW ENGR. Lemuel John Avergonzado Beronio, a licensed Thomasian Chemical Engineer! WOOOOOH! All the joy, pain and suffering for the past five years studying this very killer course finally paid off with that FOUR LETTERS!!!! It was the best feeling in the world as of the moment πŸ™‚

I can’t explain further my feelings because it is still trying to sink in my mind and I am trying to convince myself I’m not dreaming anymore. I found myself very blessed again once I knew my ratings during the exams. I was really surprised with my exam scores because I was really expecting a grade just right around the passing mark. I’ll tell you more about the exam experience in my nest post. I guess this week is really the best one yet for the last 22 years of my life!

With that all, I give all the credit not to myself but to the one who is my support system all throughout this journey. The very first and the driver of this journey is the Almighty God who I believe carried me since Day 1 of my precious life. I’ve learned the past years, especially during my college days, that only God can do amazing and wonderful things in my life as long as I surrender everything to Him and have faith in Him that He has the best plans in our life. With that, all glory, honor and praise I gave only unto Him and Him alone. He is my only strength for the 3 days of the examinations. He help me calm down during Day 2 and Day 3 whenever I felt nervous and down. I asked His eternal guidance and blessing as I shade my answers in the answer sheet. Lastly, I claimed day, night and after every day of the exams that even with the very killer exams, His amazing grace and blessing shine over me. The first thing I did once I saw the results, I cried while praying for thanks and blessing to the Lord. Again and always and everyday… ALMIGHTY GOD THANK YOU FOR THE ETERNAL BLESSING AND GUIDANCE ON MY LIFE!

I also want to give thanks to my beloved parents and siblings for their love and support for me in the past five months. I want to apologize to any missed events I needed to sacrifice to review and study for the exams. I also want to thank them for pushing me hard, inspiring me to do my best and believing in me that I’ll be an engineer. I also want to thank Sam my best sister for life for believing and supporting me (I’ll catch up with this girl!) and my fellow chemical engineer, Engr. Mitz David Navarro my best bud for life who push me to do my best even I feel restless and injecting fun times during those hardcore five months! I want to thank my review group, Khazel, Kiyena and Basti for every Wednesday nights with our review adviser Engr. Emile Punzalan. Thank you also to Mam Rose Lioanag, Dr. Olano of MRII, Sir Salazar of MRII and Dean Abet. I also want to thank my fellow batchmates, friends, UST professors, MRII instructor & staffs, Unidiz Suites tenants, staffs and admins plus the strangers who said good lucks, God bless and congratulations!

And now… the start of a new journey of my life begins in 3… 2…… WAAAIT BEFORE I FORGOT!




A Thomasian chemical engineer by profession but a happy kid inside who loves to keep everyone happy and positive. He tries to create this blog to enhance his communication skill and also share his insights to anyone.

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