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The Sunday Currently Volume 2

Hello there! Do you have a great day today? I hope you have one just like me! I guess this will be the first TSC at my humble abode here in Marikina. It is also the start of the holiday season… I can feel the cold air breeze, the much heavier traffic in the metro due to Holiday sale and most specially, the spirit of Christmas is everywhere!


READING GREY by E.L. James because I’m dying to read this book ever since it was released but have to postpone due to preparations for the exams. I don’t know but I guess I like to know the other side of the story. I also need to catch up with the other books on my unending list of pending books. I hope I can finish it by this week I’m about halfway done.
WRITING about my experience with the Chemical Engineering Licensure Examinations and also this new TSC post…
LISTENING to the YouTube video playing on the background. I really miss watching content from YouTubers because again… due to the exams. It has been MONTHSSSSS since the last time I YouTube surf…
THINKING how lucky those audience member who won lots of gifts in Ellen’s 12 Days of Christmas… IT IS A EFFIN HOVERBOARD and I’ve been craving for that babies for months (because again of ALDUB)… and now I’m thinking if I ask it as a gift for passing the exams… but…… okay… nevermind…
SMELLING nothing because I have colds because of asthma attacks and now I’m gonna blow my nose to clear up the airway………. still can’t smell anything (hate colds and dependency on medicines at times like this)
WISHING that someone can bring me to one episode of Ellen’s 12 Days of Christmas and the damn HOVERBOARD HUHUHUHU and also for my Dad’s prosperity at work always πŸ™‚
HOPING that all planned trips this coming week will come true and not just a big DRAWING on the board… I’ve been waiting for this for months… and also someone who can given me a HOVERBOARD AGAIN
WEARING a plain short and a pink shirt because I’m ready to rest my body on the bed and sleep… although lately I realized it is more tiring to lie on your bed all day doing nothing than actual studying…
LOVING the Lord Almighty again for another blessed week and again a new week ahead full of blessings and guidance with them. I am also loving that I was able to have views from other parts of the world with this TSC series! I give credit to the original TSC series… siddathornton and also to the one who introduce them to me… the other half of ALDUB, Maine Mendoza (since she is very famous lately… it is so hard to access her blog). You may check their own blogs by just clicking their names.
NEEDING THAT DAMN HOVERBOARD AND A TICKET TO ELLEN’S 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS!!!! On a serious note I am needing finances for the upcoming celebration events and a good, stable and good paying company where I can work starting next year.
FEELING blessed for today and everyday for the simple things the Lord have given to me especially today where I was able to express my heartfelt THANK YOU to the Lord to everyone and also quite inspired that I was able to share my experience with the Lord in times of hardships. I’m also feeling sleepy since I slept late last night PLUS I was really tired after my moving out day in my dorm.
CLICKING every missed YouTube video from my subscriptions for the past 5 months (was able to finish watching missed videos from Ryan Higa’s channel so happy).

WOOOAAAH THAT IS QUITE A LOT! I’m still thinking about the HOVERBOARD HUHUHU! Anyways I hope I can move on (I bet I will not) from that damn hoverboard by next week. I guess that’s it for this Sunday! Again…




A Thomasian chemical engineer by profession but a happy kid inside who loves to keep everyone happy and positive. He tries to create this blog to enhance his communication skill and also share his insights to anyone.

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