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Hi there guys! I’ve been very active lately because I have more time now compared months ago. If you noticed, I put up new sections like CRAY CRAY LIFE (a place where I can express what is happening in my life) and the The Sunday Currently (TSC). Now, I also want to share my little adventures and trips in my life through the new series BEAR. I used BEAR because most of my friends called me bear because I looked like a teddy bear. Since I’m still can’t get over with me becoming a licensed engineer… I guess I’ll tell you about how do I celebrate becoming a licensed engineer the day after… Today’s story is BEAR’S BGC CELEBRATION ADVENTURE.

BGC or Bonifacio Global City is found in the heart of Taguig, Manila. It is a former military base (called Fort Bonifacio) turned into “the amiable, nurturing, world-class business and residential center it is today (BGC Website).” For me, I find BGC as my perfect place to unwind in the metro. I said to myself that once I passed the licensure exams, I’ll unwind in BGC for a day and this will be the story for today. For this adventure, the Hunger Games:Mockingjay Part 2 was the highlight of the day. We (I and my best bud) were excited to watch this film not just because it is the last installment but also we tried for the first time the Bonifacio High Street’s 4DX Cinema. I’ll tell you more about it later.

We start off by leaving early since we will commute to BGC. If you want to know how to commute (if you are only coming from UST), ride an FX or a jeepney with a signboard “SM NORTH” and ask to be dropped off at Trinoma. From Trinoma, go and ride the MRT. Hop off at Ayala Station. From Ayala Station, walk to the exit stairs at the Southbound lane of EDSA (not on the stairs leading you to SM Makati; Tip: just go straight at KFC). You will find there the BGC Bus Terminal and ride a BGC Bus and there you go. You can also skip the commute and just call a cab it will make things easier and less hassle but more $$$.


We arrive at BGC before lunchtime. The first thing we do is to buy the ticket for the movie because someone told me that tickets in the 4DX Cinema is easily sold out. By the way, the Bonifacio High Street Cinemas is located at the Central Square and the first cinema in the metro that offers 4DX. After buying the tickets, we have a little fun time at Timezone in High Street. I play 2 rounds of Just Dance and the rest of our load is spent on karaoke singing current songs for me and JaDine songs for my bud (he is a big fan). After that, we went back to Central Square and we are already hungry. We are debating where to eat and when we find the Rustan’s Marketplace… we are taken over by our empty stomachs and ate Lemon and Thyme Roasted Chicken there. It really satisfied our growing hunger at that time.

After that, we walk along High Street then I see the Krispy Kreme store and I crave for doughnuts… basically we end up inside the store and I order one doughnut (Mango Kreme Cake). My best bud order a Kool Kreme, a doughnut with ice cream on top, for himself. The surprising part is that when his order came… it comes with two orders of Kool Kreme. We are really surprised (since he only order one for himself) when the staff told us that the other one is for me so we could have a good time. I was really surprised and very happy because it was the second time around since I get a free treat at Krispy Kreme out of nowhere. I guess I’m the happiest kid at that moment. We stay at Krispy Kreme for a while recharging our phones while watching the missed episode of Kalyeserye that day.

After the episode at Krispy Kreme, we continue further walking at High Street, visit the Fully Booked there to check out planners for 2016 and booooks and ALDUB magazineees (FAN-BOYING HAHAHA). We go to Serendra and check out where we could eat later before the movie. We also went to SM AURA and take some pictures of their Christmas setups. It is already 7:00 PM when we decided to eat before the movie at 9:00 PM.

We eat at 8 Cuts Burger Blends for dinner since we wanted to try it out the last time we went to BGC. They have a really cool place where friends can really eat and bond at the same time in a cozy and comfortable place. It is our first time to eat there and also we have no initial ideas on how to order so we just order I guess what their name suggests…. BURGER. I order Four Cheese 2.0 (I don’t know what 1.0) and my friend order Bleu. Four Cheese 2.0 is a BEEF BOMB (chuck and short rib) BURGER BLEND with four different kinds of cheese: (1) yellow chedar, (2) monterey cheese, (3) mozzarella crusted with (4) parmesan cheese. It is top with aioli and fried basil all on a sesame seed bun. Bleu, in the other hand, is an onion-griddled STEAK-CUT (sirloin & chuck) BURGER BLEND with blue cheese sauce, fried crispy leeks, blue cheese crumble, caramelized onions, honey mustard and greens all in a brioche bun. We order both a quarter pound burgers (cos they have a 1/3 pound) and upgrade our burgers to a meal of burger, skinny fries and a glass of homemade iced tea. In my first look at the burgers when we arrived, I am doubting whether my stomach will be satisfied but I am surprised that my stomach feels full when I ate everything. For my burger, I quite don’t feel the cheeses but overall it is good. It is also the first time I put ketchup on my burger because I feel I need to do this time to add another palette in my taste buds. The Bleu, on the other hand, is really tasty and flavorful although it is not within my flavor type but it is very good but not just my type. What I love about this meal is the skinny fries… my only reaction at that time is OH MY GOD! If you look at it, it really looks plain but for me IT IS VERY TASTY because I don’t need anything (no ketchup) to eat this munchieees! You can say that I’m quite overreacting… but for me I LOVE THEIR SKINNY FRIES PERIOD! I’ll be back to try other burgers here at 8 Cuts Burger Blends.

You cannot end a very satisfying meal without a dessert (what you gonna do with that dessert!) For dessert, we go to the famous Churros in town Churerria La Lola. We order a small Classic Churros with hot chocolate dipped. It was my second time to try these babies. In my first time, I tried Chocochurros and after tasting the classic churros… I must say I love chocochurros more than his classic sibling. A small serving contains 6 churros and I ate 4 out of 6 thanks to my very dear friend and buddy. After that, we walk back again to Central Square and wait for the movie.


THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY! We watch The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 on a last full show at 4DX Cinema. Our food for the movie is a simple white cheese popcorn and a bottled water since we are still quite full from our dinner escapade earlier. I tell you… if you are planning to watch an action packed movie… 4DX is the way to go because of the capabilities of the 4DX technology. It really adds a more exciting way to watch a movie and adds another depth on how you will watch the movie. Although, I hate when they mist some fragrance just to mimic a scene like an explosion where you can smell a smoke-like scent. It is really fun and I hope I can try this again another time!

The movie ended at around 11 PM and since it is quite dangerous to commute going back to our dorm… we end up using GrabCar App to book a car who will bring us back to our dorm without any hassle. It is really a good way to celebrate your months of pain and suffering to review for the exams and it was really worth it! I guess this ends the story for today! I’ll see you again on our next BEAR TIME STORIES! Until then…




A Thomasian chemical engineer by profession but a happy kid inside who loves to keep everyone happy and positive. He tries to create this blog to enhance his communication skill and also share his insights to anyone.

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