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2015 was a great year for me! I guess it is the best year up to date with all the happenings for the year! It is also the year where I guess I’ve been eating a lot because I am a stress eater. Food is also one of the things that I reward myself during the review for the licensure exams. I’ve eaten in a lot of places but there are 10 places that has a place for my heart this year! Let’s look at the Top 10 food places for me this year!

10. Mr. Kimbob at SM City San Lazaromaxresdefault

My favorite food item in their menu! (Photo grabbed from Mr. Kimbob Menu)

Whenever I was in SM City San Lazaro (the nearest mall in the dorm), I always eat my meal there in Mr. Kimbob. My order is always Bibimbob and I always upgrade to large because of the bounty of vegetables in my plate! I usually order the Beef Bibimbob variant. I never upgraded to a Combo Meal but instead, I order Gulaman in a nearby lugaw stand in the Foodcourt and also Fried Lumpiang Gulay! A sumptuous meal indeed!

9. Churreria La Lola at UP Town Center and Serendra9 LaLola

La Lola’s Chocochurros, the famous classic churros dipped in dark chocolate

Churreria La Lola is one of the famous place to get a fix of churros here in the metro! I was able to get a hand of their famous churros last October when we went at UP Town Center after the Meet the Board event at UP Diliman. My first taste was their Chocochurros and it is to die fooor! It is a little bit expensive compared to the Clasico (which I’ve tasted a month ago). I love the Chocochurros compared to Clasico! I suggests that you buy their churros as a group rather than individual (unless you are a churros monster go buy your own one) because two or more bites is quite a mouthful for me!

8. Yellow Cab near at University of Santo Tomas (Lacson St.)8 Yellow Cab

Manhattan Meat Lovers, one of my favorites! (Photo grabbed from @emdee49 Instagram account)

Yellow Cab became my easy fix place for comfort food and I guess my favorite pizza place! I and my Yellow Cab pizza have gone a long way since then. Whenever I was stressed out and wanted a comfort food, I went to Yellow Cab and got my fix of their sumptuous pizzas and Sola Lemon Iced Tea… that’s what you call a TREAT after such stress for me! It was also one of my foods I chose as dinner after my graduation! My favorite flavors are Manhattan Meat Lovers, Four Season and 4 Cheese! I will surely miss Yellow Cab now because here at my home Yellow Cab is quite far unlike when I was still living in a dorm, it was just a 5-minute walk!

7. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Eton Centris Walk

A cup of hot coffee and their house special Caesar Salad! (Photo grabbed from Mitz)

The Coffee Bean and Teal Leaf or CBTL at Eton Centris Walk was a memorable branch for me! In the last two months before the board of examinations, it was our usual study place for me and my best bud Mitz! We were spending almost half a day in this place just to study. We were there by around lunchtime and we left at around 10PM! At daylight, our orders would be a cup of hot coffee and a munchies like their house special Caesar Salad. When the sun goes down, we ordered again cold drinks (for me, it is the Tea of the Day) and a slice of their cakes! It got to a point where we said I guess our CBTL fix was too much so it’s been two months since my last CBTL. Rest assured that I’ll be back next year to sip again their coffees and teas and I really love their cheesecakes but I guess will not spend again a whole day at their shop!

6. 8 Cuts Burger Blends at Serendra

6 8cuts
The food I ate at my very first 8 Cuts experience!

8 Cuts Burger Blends is an accidental discovery for me! For you guys who don’t know, I am not a big fan of burgers so this kind of food shops does not attract me (but Army Navy is an exception and I guess this one!) I never ask someone to eat out here but when we were celebrating as I posted last time, my best bud ask me to eat here because he likes burger! At first I was skeptical because I don’t love burgers but 8 Cuts was very promising and right now, I would like to say… “TAKE ME BACK TO 8 CUTS!!!!” I hope this year I could go back and dine in again in their place and try more their delectable and sumptuous burgers!

5. Krispy Kreme at any branches!

5 KrispyKreme
Krispy Kreme’s Halloween 2015 Doughnuts & Krispy Kreme’s Kool Kremes

I have a big heart for desserts… I AM A DESSERT BOY (sings Dessert by Dawin… what you gonna do with that dessert). My favorite dessert in the world is no other than doughnuts and my favorite doughnut here in our country is Krispy Kreme or KK! I always crave for a KK doughnut every month! My favorite flavor would be the Oreo Kreme Cake, Mango Kreme Cake  and of course their famous Original Glazed Doughnuts! If I could remember it right, I was able to taste their limited edition doughnuts for the whole year and was able to avail their promos this year even if it means getting in line for hours! I knew in my heart that by start of 2016 I’ll get another bite of my favorite dessert treat from Krispy Kreme!

4. Sambokojin at SM Megamall

4 Sambokojin
I celebrated my 22nd birthday at Sambokojin Megamall Branch (Photo grabbed from Mitz)

Out of the many buffet places I’ve tried in the past, I always prefer Sambokojin among all choices! Although the variants of food available is limited here, I love preparing my own food and Sambokojin is a good place where I can do it! From the way they serve foods, I find it more sanitary compared to its counterpart. I also love their cooked Japanese, Chinese and Korean food. Whenever I visited, I always get a little of their makis (just a one to three pieces because I easily feel full whenever I eat a lot more), their tempura and a taste of their Korean dishes! The only problem I had with them in the past was that their choices of dessert is quite limited but it was already solved when we visited their latest branch at SM Megamall. My problem is answered because SM Megamall branch has a wide array of desserts! I’ll try to post some tips on how to maximize what you pay for at such buffet places like this! I hope for my next birthday I could eat here again!

3. Banapple at SM City North Edsa and Market! Market!

3 Banapple
The top (Hickore Smoked BBQ Ribs) and bottom (Bacon Fried Chicken Steaks with Milk’shroom Gravy) was our food at their Market! Market! branch. The left middle picture was our food when I treat Sam and Mitz during my birthday. The right middle picture was my very first slice at Banapple!

Some people don’t know but it was my secret dream to eat here since I was a little kid. I found out this place because every Sunday we passed by at their Katipunan branch whenever we went to church. In my mind back then, I wanted to taste their pies & cheesecake! After decades of dreaming, I finally have my first taste of their cheesecake this 2015!! I was the happiest 22 year old at that moment because I’ve been waiting for it my whole life! Although my first try was not at Katipunan but in SM North but WTH I must enjoy that moment in my life! I was lucky I was able to try for the first and hopefully not the last their Carrot Cheesecake (I’ve been here many times yet this flavor is not yet available after my very first Banapple experience… so I really hope they get it back at their menu! If you are reading this, please tell them that I need it so much!!!). Ever since I got my first taste, I’ve been here more than 10 times this year! At first, I’m just trying their cakes then next thing I know, I am trying their meals and also their new place called Sandwicheese! I guess among the ten here, Banapple was the most memorable in my heart because it completes my dream when I was a kid! I am saying to you guys, I’ll be back for some more love!

2. Baskin Robbins at Trinoma and BGC Central Square

Baskin Robbins at BGC Central Square (Photo grabbed from Mitz)

Who does not love ICE CREAM!?!? I love ice creaaam! Whenever I eat at a buffet place, I always spare a little space for ICE CREAM! I’ll eat any ice cream available even if it’s just a simple dirty ice cream being sold at the street! This 2015… I am going nuts with these ice cream because whenever I have extra ka-ching, I always get a fix of Baskin Robbins! 2015 is also the first year I was able to taste these babies and oh boooy… I am craving for this every month!!!! It was a very special and premium ice cream for me that it became one of my rewards to myself during review for the licensure exam! What I love about them is that every flavor has a distinct taste and characteristic! Even if you choose different flavors that has the chocolate on it, it has its own distinct chocolate taste! Plus, they are quite generous in their scoops even it is just the junior one. I also love their weird flavors like the Love Potion No. 5. Whenever I visited I always try to vary my flavors for each visit. I’m hoping that I could still try these babies next year since I’m quite far now at their nearest locations!

Before I reveal the NUMBER 1… I would like to say a special mention because let me tell you guys… I’ve been craving for one of their items in the menu! It was not a familiar place for all because it can be found only near UST… the special mention goes to… Chun Chon at UST.


If you ask me why it is a special mention… BECAUSE I AM ADDICTED AT THEIR PORKCHOP!!!!! I know it is plain simple but I really love their PORKCHOP! For me, it deserves a special mention! Aside from their porkchop, their place is quite a hangout for people because they have little quarters where you can sit, eat, drink and relax! Aside from their meals, they also offer drinks! So if there is a time you pass by at my university… drop by at Chun Chon and try their porkchop! And now to reveal the NUMBER 1 SPOT…

1. YABU at SM City North Edsa

1 Yabu
Chicken Katsu Set 180g (top) and Menchi Curry Katsu Set (bottom)

YABU got the top spot among all the food trips for this year! Why? KATSU IS <3! It is one of my favorite upscale dining place where I always end up with a very full and happy stomach! It is also one of the things I reward myself whenever I got a big achievement for this year! A funny story about my Yabu experience ever since my very first eating here (it was my friend Jean’s birthday), up to my last eat out here… I only order Chicken Katsu Set 180g HAHAHA I don’t know why but I am addicted to chicken (I can eat chicken the whole week). In a set, you have everything unlimited (the rice either brown or white, pickled veggies, miso soup, slices of fruits and cabbage) except for the katsu itself. I usually order Chicken Katsu because it is what I can afford among the choices and still get the same Yabu experience (but it just boils down that I love chicken HEHE). You can also try their Menchi Katsu and their Katsu Curry Sets (the curry sauce is to die for swear!). I wish I could dine in here again this 2016 and I hope I could try SM Megamall branch because when I look at it at the outside it was a great place!

SO THAT IS MY TOP 10 FOOD TRIPS FOR 2015! 2015 is a year where I get to try and experience new things out there which I didn’t have for the last couple of years! I guess one of those was my food trips for this year! You will find out more what 2015 is for me in my upcoming post this few days! For 2016, I wish that I can start sharing to you guys my food trips! So watch out for that! I’m bringing more things here in my blog for 2016! I guess that’s it for today (or tonight will be a better word because it’s past 11PM here and I started writing this when the sun was still up and shining). As always…




A Thomasian chemical engineer by profession but a happy kid inside who loves to keep everyone happy and positive. He tries to create this blog to enhance his communication skill and also share his insights to anyone.

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