I’m supposed to be at a party today but thank you Typhoon Onyok for letting me stay indoors (I am being sarcastic here). Instead of letting myself indulge in my sad feelings, I’ll let myself ponder on what the year it was. 2015 is a big year for the Philippines. It kicked off with the Papal Visit of Pope Francis and ended with the country hosting the APEC Summit 2015. It is truly a momentous year for us Filipinos and it was the same for a kid named Lemuel John A. Beronio. Let us look at 2015 as a year of the first and a year of celebrations for this kiddo!Year-End-Post-Part-12015 is a year of firsts. 2015 is the time I was able to experience my very first airplane ride! Yes, in my 22nd year at Earth, it was the very first time I was able to ride a plane. It was on February when I first ride a plane and also visited Puerto Princesa, Palawan for an official school event where I was one of the participants. The best part of that trip was everything since it was an all expense paid trip sponsored by the Faculty (or College). It was a big dream come true for a little kid to ride a plane and visit new places. The whole trip for me was quite dreamlike! The worst part was the time when we were descending to Palawan. Di kasi ako nasabihan about sa pwede mangyari sa tenga mo. Ayun… I was crying in pain at akala ko sa hospital bagsak ko dahil sobrang sakit niya… halos wala na ako naririnig na ingay. Luckily, when we board off the plane my companions told me what to do and what a relief that I can hear things again!

Aside from my Palawan trip, it was this year I visited also for the first time LEYTE and CEBU and my second time to visit BOHOL (my birthplace). I was able to go to these 3 places together with my UST ChE Batch 2015 because it was chosen as the places to go during our Educational Tour. If I tell you everything about these week-long tour of our batch, it will take us to forever. The fieldtrip was a significant event for this year because I was able to mingle with my other batchmates, had a little time off to a very tight schedule in my academic life and lastly, learned many life lessons. Since we were already talking about school, another important life event for graduating students was the retreat. The common tradition in our University was to conduct the retreat in Calaruega Retreat House in Batangas. We spend a weekend (a weekend before the last delubyo in my college life) in the retreat house. It was an overwhelming experience especially when we were doing the Circle of Kindness. It was the very first time that I became speechless and all I can reply was tears to all good things they said about me.

2015 was also the year that I first visited an amusement park in my life (alam ko… ako na ang walang childhood HUHU). I went to Enchanted Kingdom in Laguna for the very first time (together with my college friends) recently (after passing the boards). I was able to try Disk O Magic (not a good first ride for someone na takot sa height (like me) at mabilis mahilo), Anchor’s Away (mataas man ang height… ehh para siyang swing na mataas ang maabot and I love that!), Rialto (a 4D Cinema experience; when we visited their attraction is Frankenstein… medyo fail kasi di ko naramdaman yung may tumusok ng likod ko), Rio Grande (I was one of the lucky ones… naligo sa falls twice -_-) and Ferris Wheel (I was really afraid of height pero nung kumanta na kami I was okay so I’ll leave that as a mental note). I was not able to ride anymore other rides like EKstreme, Log Jam & Space Shuttle (masyado mataas ang height)  and also Flying Fiesta & Air Space (yung malaki ang possibility na malaglag). I hope this is not the last time I go to EK and also when I come back… I have the guts to try out the fearful rides.Year-End-Post-Part-22015 is a year of celebrations! 2015 was really a great year for me up to date! I guess this is the year that the Lord overwhelmed me with His grace and blessing! This year is full of things to celebrate! Why? 2015 started off with my last hurrah as a student. Ang masasabi ko lang… It was the most challenging yet fun semester I have for the past five years. You were living the last days with your college buddies at its best yet deadlines kept on coming and coming and coming and so on. Yung tipong yung deadlines ko marami-rami pa pero ang oras ko unting-unti na lang. This is the only semester where I took my final exams na walang tulog at walang aral! With the challenges and difficulties, everything was worth it! My most proud moment was when we finished with flying colors our plant design project (Production of Pectin using Mango Peels) together with my co-members from  Clyto Corporation (that is our group’s name kasi we acted like we were design engineers in a design company).

In the end of the day… all the pain, sufferings, challenges, difficulties, sacrifices, sleepless days, etc. for the past 5 years paid off when I graduated last May 29, 2015 with degree Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at the Royal Pontifical and Catholic University of the Philippines UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS! Yesss!!! HURRAAAH!!!! When I was typing it, I could still remember the feeling when I was called on stage to confer my degree and also to receive the best additional gift from the Almighty One… graduating with Latin Honors… CUM LAUDE! WOOOH! Ito lang ata yung moment na naging proud ako sabihin na “I graduated as Cum Laude!” The celebration for the year does not stop there! Along side graduating this year, I was able to hurdle the hardest challenge I faced to become an engineer… the ChE Licensure Examinations. I was able to pass the exams conducted last November and now… I AM ENGR. LEMUEL JOHN AVERGONZADO BERONIO, a registered Chemical Engineer!

Iba talaga yung feeling na ENGR ka na sa wakas and all the accomplishments I have made this 2015! I am so overwhelmed with emotions. I could still remember when I was at 4th year highschool. Di man lang sumagi sa isip ko na magiging engineer ako dahil gusto ko sana mag-nursing then continue to become a doctor but reality said ‘hoy takot ka sa patay ano na!?’ then wala na ako maisip na ibang way… eh nakita ko yung CHEMICAL ENGINEERING… sabi ko less math (dahil mahina ako sa math nung HSand more chemistry eh gusto ko chemistry nung HS… so every application I always wrote ChE as my first choice… I never imagined to become an engineer one day… yet where am I now… Iba talaga kapag si Lord ang nagdala sa iyo sa daan na gusto Niya na tahakin mo.. HE NEVER FAILS!

Before I end this post, I guess this is the right time to say my utmost gratitude to them who made this 2015 the best year ever possible. First and foremost… I give my 99.9999999% gratitude and 100% praise to the One who is responsible for leading me to this path and the best year ever… our Almighty Lord Jesus Christ who is always there for me during joy, laughter, pain and sufferings. Jesus is the only One source of inspiration, support and guidance that never fail in all days of my life for 2015 especially on the times that I have challenges and difficulties and the times where I am starting to doubt myself. He is the One who I run through during the week of my Licensure Exams and the week of waiting for the results. I owe everything I have now to Him and I will be forever grateful for His unbelievable power and strength in my life.

The remaining 0.0000001% of my gratitude goes to people who supports me all throughout the process. First would be my mom and dad. To my mom, thank you dahil kahit halos buwan ako hindi umuuwi ng bahay dahil busy ako pag-aaral you never let a day passed by without boosting my spirit and confidence. Thank you for believing in me and praying for me and our family all the days of your life. To my dad, thank you sa kasipagan at katapangan mo na magtrabaho sa ibang bansa kahit malayo ka sa amin. Kahit malayo tayo sa isa’t-isa, rest assured that I always feel your love, support and presence for me all throughout the year and also for the family. I am so thankful that I was able to pay back all the sacrifices you have done for the last two decades of you life… finally masasabi mo na may anak ka na ENGR. I also want to thank my two siblings Ivan and Princess for being the best siblings and also for keeping mom happy when I was away for months. To my family, I love you always and salamat sa pagmamahal at suporta na ibinigay ninyo sa akin. Let’s keep on praying as a family for our best this coming 2016. Sabi nga… ‘a family that prays together, stays together.’

Second, I want to say thank you to my immediate relatives (titos, titass and pinsans) who is there to show their support for me the entire time. Most especially, I want to say my utmost gratitude to two people. The first is Auntie Lisa who always believe in my capabilities as an individual since I was a little innocent baby. Salamat auntie for making me one of your special and favorite pamangkin at sa lahat ng naitulong (like books and stuffs), naibigay (like my very first Apple product the iPod Touch 3 and the coming iPad Mini… wish ko may iPhone 6S or MacBook na ako since ENGR na me hehehe joke lang :P) and most specially, for boosting my confidence ever since I was young! Maraming marami salamat po sa lahat ng bagay! The second person is my cousin Ate Mabel who is the one who we run through ni mama when we needed things immediately. Salamat ate kasi you are always there for my family and we are also there for you in times of emergency and challenges. I am so thankful dahil nakagraduate ako with your help and also because of you, I have a very good phone, my favorite bag and also my outfit during my Oath Taking! I am very thankful that we have you as part of our family and I am wishing and praying for the best in your life especially on your baby Amber. To the Beronio and Avergonzado clan, thank you!

I would also like to thank my church, Bethany Baptist Church Cubao who was praying for me before, during and after the Licensure Examinations most especially to my Pastor, Ptr. Eviess J.S.A. Acorda for praying for me and my family and also he was one of the people who told me to choose UST to take up my bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. I am praying and wishing for you the best in all aspects of your life as well as the betterment of our church.

Lastly, I would like to thank my friends, colleagues, acquaintances, fellow Thomasians, fellow Thomasian Chemical Engineers, UST ChE Department, UST ChES, neighbours and everyone who became a part of the best year ever! I would like to mention a few of them. My girl bestfriend Sam thank you kahit sobrang bihira tayo magkasama at haloslagi ako hindi pwede ay ito pa rin tayo… isang matibay na pagkakaibigan sa nakalipas na 8 taon. I am forever grateful that you are my best kapatid from another parent and for being patient, kind and understanding for someone like me that does not deserve it at all. I am wishing and praying for you the best in all aspects of your life and galingan mo dahil it’s your time to shine na! Ako naman ang magiging supportive bestfriend mo dahil 2016 is your best year evaaah! Claim it now! Love you from here to there! My college bestfriend Mitz thank you ng sobra-sobra! Salamat sa two years na you really help me throughout my dorm and ‘road-to-engineer’ life. Kung hindi dahil sa iyo, matagal na ako umalis sa dorm dahil hindi ko talaga kakayanin! Salamat sa mga bagay na nai-share mo sa buhay ko from simple things to the complex ones! I never expected that a simple palibre last 2013 turned out to be the friendship we have now today! Up to now, I still have separation anxiety because of the bonding we had at the dorm! Hayaan mo at babawi ako sa iyo one day sa mga malalaking bagay na naibahagi mo buhay ko!  I am wishing and praying for you the best in all aspects of your life, my best brother from another parent again. To Mam Rose, thank you for believing in me and my capabilities as an individual during my stay in the University, Faculty and Department. I am forever grateful to meet someone like you who gives me an inspiration to do my best always! I am always praying for the best in all aspects of your life! To Sir Emile and my review group, for reminding me to keep on fighting always as the exams approaches! To Clingy Friends (Jen, Pia, Kiyena, H, Rosie), Friendly Engrs (Edge & Kariza) and Engineer Friends (Lindy, Khazel, Jayson and Jean), THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY 2015 THE BEST! Kung di dahil sa inyo, wala ako ngayon sa kinatatayuan ko. We maybe parting ways because let’s face it, mahirap na mabuo ulit kapag nagwowork na tayo, but rest assured that we’ll be friends forever and just keep our line of communications open I guess we can still meet each other halfway! Always remember that LEMUBEAR loves you!


I guess that’s it for 2015 in review! I have the best year evaaaah this year! I hope everyone has! Before I end this post… I just want to share the verse for me that sums up my 2015! Isaiah 25:1 says “Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.” I hope you find this verse very inspiring for the coming year because I know God has always the best plan for us! Now… off we go to 2016! I am wishing and praying for everyone THE BEST 2016 and as always…




A Thomasian chemical engineer by profession but a happy kid inside who loves to keep everyone happy and positive. He tries to create this blog to enhance his communication skill and also share his insights to anyone.

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