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The Sunday Currently Volume 4

Hi there! It is Sunday again and I guess another dose of The Sunday Currently is up here in the blog! Fortunately, I was able to put up another TSC post for today! I came home from the Sunday worship service in our church and my ministry leader postponed our scheduled meeting today so I am now here! So let’s do this!


READING NOTHING sad reality… On the bright side, I got my iPad recently so more reading opportunities! On the dark side, I was not able to have my e-books sync to the iPad because I was quite lazy to open my laptop this past few weeks. I hope by today I’ll get my lazy ass up and start putting up books to read here in my iPad!

WRITING The Sunday Currently Volume 4

LISTENING Hands to Myself by Selena Gomez…  for two consecutive TSC post I am listening to Selena’s songs… I don’t know why again (déjà vu) and also earlier I was listening and singing along with Sarah Geronimo’s I’ll Be Alright!

THINKING about the jogging later. Actually, I don’t know if it is a go or no go with my friend… so wait I’ll just message him (talks to friend…) he said he’ll just tell me if it is a go or no go in a while… phew… I am also thinking about whether to text the HR from one of the companies tomorrow to ask for an update… I’ll guess I’ll ask my friend’s opinion later regarding this one.

SMELLING nothing because I am home alone with my dogs and I am immune in their smell in the house… but they just recently take a bath courtesy of yours truly HAHAHA

WISHING for a positive feedback from my initial screening with one of the companies I applied for, to be called for assessment by another and to have a wonderful week ahead in terms of my career (I am quite desperate to have a job now huhuhu)

HOPING to be called by companies for further assessment and JOB OFFER FROM THEM! I NEED A JOB A.S.A.P. HUHUHU

WEARING a basketball shorts and a sando for now while waiting if the jogging will push through or not

LOVING the moments I spent with my beloved Auntie Lisa from Alabama who recently visited us here in the PH! She gave me the iPad which supposedly a graduation gift but due to some technicalities… I just got it from her personally which makes it very special!

WANTING to have more Simoleons in my Sims Freeplay game in the iPad because I want to redecorate the home of my Sims HIHIHI

NEEDING a JOB seriously HUHUHU for the second post around (see what I did there… okay nevermind)

FEELING quite sad because my Auntie Lisa went back to her home two days ago and I really miss her already!

CLICKING the play button in Youtube to play again Hands to Myself! OH YEAH! LSS!

That would be it for this Sunday Currently post! I’ll be prepping for the jogging later! Check out my new post in #IfYouCare and #BearFoodTripSeries in the coming days! I hope you have a great Sunday today and also I wish you take time to attend a worship service in your Church! As always…


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A Thomasian chemical engineer by profession but a happy kid inside who loves to keep everyone happy and positive. He tries to create this blog to enhance his communication skill and also share his insights to anyone.

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