Handling Rejections

There comes a time that you will stop being fixated with your books and notebooks and start your professional career. Well, I am now on that point of your life. I am now trying to find my very first job. I tell you it is very hard to find one. I passed applications online, walked in to many corporate offices, called by one company yet here I am still unemployed. I was about to get one but … I guess here is the story.

One day, I applied in the career website of this company and I was informed a week later about an initial interview with the HR. I prepared thoroughly for the interview learning from my previous experience from other HR interviews in other companies I applied for which does not materialize after. I prepared answers in some common HR interviews since you need to impress the HR. Fortunately, the outcome was quite good and I was informed that I was endorsed for another position as well. They saw my qualifications very fit for another position. I waited for weeks again. Before I was endorsed for the next interview, I was asked if I knew how to drive (this is an essential part of the story) which I honestly told them that I am not but very willing to learn if I have to. Even with my answer, I was still invited for the interview with the hiring manager.

Here comes the depressing part. I prepared well for the interview days before starting from the answers to questions and studying the position’s role in the company even up to my commute route. I really gave my A game on for that day! I woke up early, left home very early and came at the venue more than one hour before the said time. I was determined with all my heart and soul to get the position. I was giving my best during the interview. It was a very light interview up until I was asked if I knew how to drive or do I have a driver’s license. I answered none but I am willing to learn just like the last time. The interview ended there, he started saying my good qualifications and we have a good talk then he said the “BUT” followed by a VERY LONG PAUSE because he was trying to form good words for me. I knew that at that moment… it was a rejection… I kept my smiling face but in the inside I was starting to become depressed. I kept my composure until I left the gates of the company and once I was out, I let my depression take over my body. I went home immediately. I told my mom about the rejection due to the fact that I don’t have the driving skills they need and not my technical and management skills.

I was depressed because I was expecting they still considered me without the driving skills. Mind you, I was not informed of the certain qualifications for that position because it was not posted in the career site and was endorsed only by the HR personnel. I also answered honestly that I don’t have any knowledge prior to the interview yet they still pursue my profile. I was really expecting to get the vacancy because other than the driving skills, I was exposed to this kind of job during my internship. What makes my depression worst was that I was indirectly rejected. Without the official rejection, I was still keeping my hopes up asking them about my status. I was able to get the official rejection a few days ago. It really had a great effect on me for a time especially now that it was official (that is why I am sharing it here). For me, it is okay that I was rejected because I blew up the interview but I was rejected only because I have no knowledge in driving. I felt that I wasted time and effort for that interview because it ended up as a rejection due to the fact I don’t know how to drive which I told them before hand.

I was sulking with my mood while I am telling some of my friends the news the other day. I really appreciate their comforting words but at that moment I was being eaten by depression and disappointment. One of my friends shared a comforting quote that brightened up my sulking mood.

One day, all the waiting will make sense, and you’ll be so glad you didn’t settle, and choose to wait on God’s timing.

The quote really made a big sense to me to stop sulking at your depressions and just ask the Lord for the best plans in your life. I immediately said sorry to my friends for being such a jerk for my bad mood while they comforted me and also said thanks for the words of encouragement. I realized that “may kalalabasan ba ang pagdra-drama ko?” Nothing will come out lingering on your depressive state. It does not help you and importantly, the decision will not be reversed even if you continue with that state for years. While you are there sulking in your mood, you are wasting time to get yourself stand up again and move forward. Hindi mo namamalayan napag-iiwanan ka na pala ng panahon because you keep yourself in the depressive state. Sabi nga ng karamihan, ikaw at ikaw lamang ang makakapagsabi sa sarili mo na MAGING MASAYA KA. It is up to you to bring yourself to a happy mood!

You don’t wait and look for happiness… Happiness is your own decision!

Here is a video of our Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach during her homecoming tribute in the Philippines. If you already know, Pia before holding the coveted Miss Universe crown, she went to many struggles and challenges in life. She became a breadwinner at an early age for her family and before she was able to become the official representative of the Philippines in the Miss Universe pageant, she needed to join Bb. Pilipinas three times before getting the Miss Universe Philippines crown here in the country. On the trials and challenges in her life, she admitted that there were times where she doubted the path of becoming a Miss Universe but did she ever succumb to the doubts? NO! She keeps on trying, fighting and keeping her faith to the Lord and look at her now, in the pedestal of her dream! All the things you are facing whether it is a good or a bad one will all make sense in God’s perfect timing! God has a perfect plan for everyone and we should keep on asking Him to bring the best in our life! All you need to do is keep your faith, say a prayer and be patient for the perfect time God plans for you. This realizations I had help me a lot in handling the rejection I was facing a few days ago.

Yes, it really hurts to be rejected for a situation where you expected a lot especially if it is for a petty reason. Still it is a rejection and it really hurts but don’t let yourself be eaten alive with the rejection! Even if you cry buckets of tears or curse everyone you meet, it does not change the fact that you are rejected. Actually, you just prove to them more that they have the point to reject you! Yes, you do a good cry for that but once you let out all frustrations, stand up again and prove them wrong for the rejection! Look at me now, I am currently working another plan and I really hope this is it for me! At times you feel trouble, always remember that God has a better plan for you and you just need to have patience and faith in Him. I guess that is the end of this. I really hope this will be a great help for others. As always, have a good and awesome day ahead!



A Thomasian chemical engineer by profession but a happy kid inside who loves to keep everyone happy and positive. He tries to create this blog to enhance his communication skill and also share his insights to anyone.

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