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The Sunday Currently Volume 5

Hi! It’s been a long time since the last time I made this kind of post (to be exact, almost half a year). Well, the so-called “adult life” is happening right now! I’ve been busy with my very first work. Actually, I am currently a trainee in a company where am I right now. I need to push a great effort to become an organic employee in this training. So far, I am doing well and I really hope that the people around me can see my potential. I hope I can catch up the things I want to share to you for the past three months. For now, let’s enjoy another session of TSC!


READING Operating Manual of the unit I am studying right now for my training! Well, the past few months I am busy reading operating manuals… non-stop reading and studying the manuals for training reports WEW! I am on my fifth unit already and I am still struggling to deliver my very best!

WRITING The Sunday Currently Volume 5 and my training report (pahinga muna sa report kaya ginagawa ko TSC :P)

LISTENING 7 Years by Lukas Graham and the #Hugot Playlist in Spotify…  Wala naman ako pinagdaanan actually but I am having fun listening to the songs while making my training reports WEW

THINKING about the unit I am studying right now especially on its PFD and what to do later this evening. Actually, I am also thinking on what to do tomorrow and how to present my unit training for Friday’s presentation. I am also thinking when I can start writing a blog about what is happening to me lately…

SMELLING the air coming out of the air conditioned unit! Alam niyo ba yung amoy na yun? HAHAHA

WISHING that the people where I am assigned right now in the training as well as the management can see the potential in me to become a full time organic employee in the company and a BIG THUMBS UP for my presentation this coming Friday (I am quite desperate to become an organic employee)

HOPING to be successful in the training program and become an organic employee for the company! Alam mo yung feeling na hindi mo ata sila na-iimpress sa mga ginagawa mo sa mababa ang chances na mag-move on ka na susunod na stage… ayun kabado lang talaga kasi alam ko naman na ginagawa ko ang best ko pero why 😦

WEARING a maong pants, the shirt we used during the fieldtrip and shoes because I’ll be going to the church later (It is a Sunday don’t forget to visit Him today!)

LOVING each day that passes by that I am still alive and doing my very best in my workplace! I know that there is a great expectation for me to become an organic employee but I am also enjoying every moment I am spending with the place I am working right now! And I hope that this will be forever!

WANTING to BE AN OFFICIAL EMPLOYEE AT P _ _ _ _ _   _ _ T _ _ _   R _ _ _ _ _ _ _



CLICKING the File Explorer because I need to finish my PFD today HAHAHAHAHA

Oh well that’s it for the new volume of TSC! I’ll keep you update very soon! Have an awesome and great day ahead!

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A Thomasian chemical engineer by profession but a happy kid inside who loves to keep everyone happy and positive. He tries to create this blog to enhance his communication skill and also share his insights to anyone.

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