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1st Day in Blog U!

Hi there! I am LEMU, a quite new blogger. Well, I am still learning and I believe I still have a lot to learn. We commonly here these words…

Learning is a life long journey. It doesn’t end when you leave the four corners of your school. It is a continuous process until the end!

I agree with that 100% and this is the primary reason why I created my blog a year ago. My main goal is to develop myself further in expressing myself. Friends used to tell me that I am an extrovert but I believe that I am extrovert sometimes but mostly, I am an introvert who finds it hard to express my ideas especially to the public or strangers. In every situations or events happening in front me whether good or bad, I always generate ideas and thoughts which I only kept on inside the confined space of my brain. When I created my blog, I believe that it will help me to further express my thoughts and ideas to everyone which will enhance my confidence as a person.

Unluckily, I was not able to keep track on my goal and to be honest, there comes a point that I just want to stop doing this especially on my situation during the whole year. The past few days, I was deep in thought whether to shut down my blog completely or go back again to learn blogging. I decided today that I’ll keep the blog and start learning again! This is the reason why I enrolled in Blogging University! Well, today is the first day of Blog U post here and it is FIRST FRIDAY (not here in Philippines, it is already Saturday here).

Enough of the dramatic chit chat. As of the moment, my primary goal of the blog is to divulge my thoughts and ideas on what may happen in my life, as an individual, a professional (by the way, I am a chemical engineer), a citizen of PH, a friend and lastly, the eldest in the family. This blog is mainly where I tell my life stories, good and especially, the bad ones. From time to time also, I want to share some of my insights on different ideas and thoughts on different matters or situations in life. The blog may also feature food blog since I really love food. I may also use this to keep track on my goals in life like loosing weight (I am very fat kid who wants to change it and if there is someone there who can help me PLEASE LET’S BE FRIENDS AND HELP SOMEONE). As of the moment, I believe my blog is still taking shape so for now, the things I said above will do as main goals for doing the blog. From these thoughts, I believe I would love to connect to someone who is willing to help me learn blogging plus getting to the right fit for a healthy body (really I need someone, so if you are reading this, HELP A FRIEND HERE).

The last question is if I will become successful enough for a year for my blog, I hope that I can accomplish what I am telling here today as well as develop myself further into something new (including a good body as well). I really hope that the community here in WordPress can help me achieve my goals. Well, I guess this is the end of my assignment for today! Watch out for my next Blog U post and other materials as well!

Have an awesome day ahead!



A Thomasian chemical engineer by profession but a happy kid inside who loves to keep everyone happy and positive. He tries to create this blog to enhance his communication skill and also share his insights to anyone.

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