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TRY: Cinema on Your Own

Hi there! If you can see, I have a lot of series here in my blog and I guess I only added one article per series so right now I’ll do my best to fill up things here and there. I’m still a beginner here, as you can see. Right now, I’ll start again a new series (HAHA HERE I GO AGAIN HAHA) but it will be under the “Bear Category” and this is the first post for the TRY SERIES. In the Try series, I’ll share to you something that I will try for the first time in my years of existence. Just a quick FYI, the first time I board an aircraft and going to an amusement park was the year of 2015. As you can see, I still have a lot of first time to do compared to others. So I’ll use this series to share my experience of doing this first time. For the very post of the series, I would like to share my very first experience of watching in a cinema by your own.

I have a lot of friends who watch movies on their own because it is fun and I guess they have a lot of money compared to me. In my life, watching a movie in the cinema is an excessive pleasure to do. In life there are needs and pleasures and going to cinema and watch a movie is an excessive pleasure for me and even my siblings.  Actually, when we were little kids, our parents did not allow us to watch movies in the cinema but that rule changed only when my parents allowed us to watch the fifth installment of HP in the cinema. I guess with that upbringing from our parents, we were able to develop that watching a movie in the cinema is an excessive pleasure for us.

For me, I usually watch a movie in the cinema if it is a book I love turn into a movie (HP Films, Hunger Games, etc.) or with close friend(s) who I can relate to with the movie (Marvel Universe, Heneral Luna, Pitch Perfect, etc.). Whenever I watch, I always look if I had the funds to indulge or planned ahead especially if I will be watching in specialty cinemas (IMAX, Director’s Club, 4DX) or if it is free (who will reject such free offer HAHAHA). I also see watching a movie in the cinema as a way to bond with your friends, enjoy watching it with them and talk about it after. So I never tried watching a movie on my own because first of all, it is an overindulgence. I could spend that money by eating a good meal instead.

I suddenly have an urge to try watch a movie on a cinema on my own last December. It was our church anniversary at that time and among our family, everyone was busy except for me because most of the year I was not there to help in preparation due to my previous work. That day, there is a morning and evening service with the afternoon use for preparation. With that setup, I can’t wait the whole afternoon so I decided to spent it in the mall and when I saw that Rogue One was showing and I have a money to indulge, then I bought a ticket and watch the movie with me, myself and I. Well, I have a small background with Star Wars because I was able to watch the marathon on Star Movies way back when I was still young.

I will never do a review or tell the story of the movie (I don’t have the skills to do a movie review so I am skipping that part). From my own perspective, I was able to enjoy the film because I was able to follow along it even with a small background. I love the film in all aspects and also spark some curiosities on my mind so I was able to watch some information about Star Wars on YouTube (my trusted source of information HAHAHA) to satisfy my curiosities. Regarding the experience of watching the film on my own only, I guess I don’t get the feeling my friends get when they watch on their own. They always told me that they really had fun watching on their own and they prefer it more. For me, I prefer watching it with others because I love that I can laugh with someone and ask about the movie before, during and after the movie and I felt that was the missing element when I watched Rogue One at that time. I look like a loner being amazed with the scenes I love and it makes me feel that I may look stupid to others HAHAHA.

Overall, I still prefer watching with friends or family rather than by myself but I guess maybe I may also find myself sometimes to watch on my own again. It was a great experience since the movie is great! It would be greater if I watched it with my friends but overall it is a great movie to watch on your own or with groupies. Oh well, I guess this is it for now.I hope I could right a follow up post in this series! If you have any ideas on what to try next time just tell me here! ‘Til next time, have an awesome day ahead!



A Thomasian chemical engineer by profession but a happy kid inside who loves to keep everyone happy and positive. He tries to create this blog to enhance his communication skill and also share his insights to anyone.

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