Starting Fresh and Positive!

Hi there! It’s really hard for me to keep the blog updated about my whole life. Well, the only reason I can’t is that I can’t squeeze anytime during weekends or off hours because I am sleeping very late these days. To give some light on the situation, my working hours are from 3:00 PM to 12:00 MN PST since we are following the UK office hours (working in a back office support for UK operations for a multinational oil  and gas company). Once I got home, I went off to bed at around 3:00 AM so I know it was my fault. Basically, what is happening in my daily routine is to sleep, prepare, go to work, work, go home and repeat the cycle. Today, I am seating in the couch when an idea suddenly pops in my head. Today, I come to a decision to start fresh in everything and create a more positive outlook in life. This is the reason why I am writing this blog right now.

How did the idea suddenly appear? I realize a big chunk of my day is wasted on unproductive things ehem sleep and sleep and sleep that I think I am losing a big opportunity ahead. I imagine a lot of things to do but only ended up as an imagination because I rarely have time to do other things due to my daily routine. So what will I do now? Well I know where to start and that is to sleep as soon as I got home! I guess this is my biggest mistake so far. When I got home at around 1:00 AM, I usually got my iPad out of my bag and started navigating in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube (disadvantage of liking Youtube vlogs) not realizing it was already past 3:00 AM. Then I ended up waking up at 11:00 AM which only gave me a right amount of time to prepare going to work. So I realized, I need to stop navigating my iPad starting today and I will sleep as soon as I got home (I need to monitor this one because temptation is a lot stronger than anything else).

The next thing I need to do is to schedule things I can do during the off hours and weekends. Actually, most of my weekends are scheduled to have fun time with friends and family like going out and eat here and there! Fortunately, today is a staycation for me here in the house and I am alone (I don’t know where my mom and sister is since I woke up late in the morning) so I guess this is the perfect time to reflect on life and what a reflection it is! So with that in mind, what I am planning to do? Well, I can’t plan the whole year ahead so I guess I’ll list down some of the things I planned to do for April first. To start off, today is planning day! I need to plan things out. For April, my intention was to plan out refreshing my IG feed (currently looking for reference and inspiration) then next is to put content here twice a week (????). I can’t start this coming week with the reinvention because it is a jam-packed week ahead in my workplace since it is the month end, end of Q1 and meetings and workloads so yey (?!?!?) but my dad is coming this week (I guess???) and he will bring home a new laptop for me so I need to prepare that one for my new ideas. I’ll start off doing my planned things to do when holy week starts! I have a lot more time by that week because Good Friday and Easter Monday is a work holiday for me YEEEEY!

So with that said, I guess I’ll start sleeping early today so that I have more energy to do things in my life! In the coming weeks, watch out for new materials here in the blog! My travel adventures already started this year with the Zambales trip with my college buddies. I am excited to share this one! Then of course, I’ll give you an insight on my new workplace and the challenges ahead. I’ll also give you a glimpse on my renewed Korean spirit as well as some life lessons I’ve learned or experienced so far! Oh well, that’s it for this one HAVE A GREAT DAY AHEAD!



A Thomasian chemical engineer by profession but a happy kid inside who loves to keep everyone happy and positive. He tries to create this blog to enhance his communication skill and also share his insights to anyone.

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