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The Sunday Currently Volume 6

Hi there! It’s been a year since I did the last TSC blog. Usually, Sunday is time for family and also for the Lord. Every Sunday, our family is in the church whole day (I’m Baptist by the way) due to different activities. It is very rare that we are at home during Sunday like today. Today, we stay at our home because my dad came yesterday. I used this opportunity to write another TSC blog here. So let’s do this!

WRITING TSC Volume 6 and also some drafts of other blog entries (see I am making a big progress already on my promises)

LISTENING KNOCK KNOCK by TWICE. You will know later why I was listening to KPOP songs lately. Aside from TWICE playing right now, I am also listening to Red Velvet and SHINee hehe, and also listening to Music For Malling playlist in Spotify whenever I go to work 🙂

THINKING about the last time I wrote a TSC blog. I copied the list from my last TSC post to write the new TSC entry. The last time I wrote a TSC series was when I was still a trainee in my previous company. I was making a presentation at that time. Right now in my new company, I am able to do the things I want every weekend because they prioritise a work-life balance. My weekends are free from any work-related situations. I am also thinking right now the things I may write for the blog as well how to utilize my new laptop HEHE (I recently installed Photoshop CC today so YEY ME!)

SMELLING the newly bathed Poofsie, my lovable dog ❤

WISHING that my company now will be my first and last company to work with. One of the things that I love in my company today is that they value each individual in the company and also his/her development. I really hope that I can deliver and prove that I am very capable and a great potential to the leaders and I hope they see it in me that I can drive the future of Shell. Also, an opportunity where I can visit places outside the PH through this company 🙂 #GoalSetting

HOPING that my wish will happen and also really hoping that I can show to my management that my asset is a great value in the company. For those who are reading this, kindly include me in your everyday prayers 🙂

WEARING a boxer short and a thin t-shirt because it is summer here in PH and it is really scorching hot huhuhu

LOVING the fact that our family is complete again because dad is at home after his contract and also the fact that I am now an organic employee of the company I am working with. I love also that our family is now back on track and I really hope that the Lord Almighty continue to provide us with His eternal blessings!

WANTING to be the best staff and leader in my new workplace even I am still a rookie.

NEEDING A VERY GOOD SLEEP BECAUSE I AM LACKING A LOT HAHAHAHA (I made some improvements on my promise to sleep earlier but I went to work earlier than my working hours due to events last week huehuehue)


CLICKING the YouTube tab to replay the karaoke version of Knock Knock HEHE

Oh well that’s it for the new volume of TSC! Watch out for new entries in the coming days! Have an awesome and great day ahead!

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A Thomasian chemical engineer by profession but a happy kid inside who loves to keep everyone happy and positive. He tries to create this blog to enhance his communication skill and also share his insights to anyone.

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