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Hi there! I told you on my earlier blogs that I’ve been on a staycation after my short stint as a trainee in a certain company. The title of the post in English is hello or in Korean… annyeonghaseyo. Today, I’ll share to you how I say hello again to my Korean spirit during my staycation days!

As I what I said on my earlier post, after training in October I was unemployed and stay at my parent’s house for at least four months. The next question: What do you do if you have a lot of time on your hands, you have limited funds to indulge yourself but your home has a good internet connection (5MBPS, this is one of the greatest plan for home broadband here in PH… I’m happy but IT HAS A LOT TO IMPROVE -___-) ??? Let’s find out what I did.

When I got back to our home, I binged watch a lot of YouTube vlogs which I followed during college days (Ryan Higa, SMOSH, Wil Dasovich, etc.) then after watching to my heart’s content, I looked back to my iBooks and re-read Harry Potter, 50 Shades trilogy and also finished reading the Divergent trilogy. Halfway reading a new book, I got tired reading in my iPad so I decided to look over to my hard drive to watch movies. I rewatched Harry Potter, Hunger Games and X-Men films. While I was looking for the next one to watch, I came across the folder containing the copy of Descendants of the Sun (DOTS) which I got early 2016 from a friend. I was not able to watch DOTS during its peak because I was busy with something else. That was the moment when I rekindled my interest in South Korea again.

When the Hallyu wave was at peak here in PH, I was one of the people who was addicted binge watching Korean Dramas like Boys over Flower, Princess Hours, Jewel in the Palace, To the Beautiful You, etc. My SK addiction went from watching drama to listening to KPop idols like Super Junior, SNSD/Girls Generation, SHINEE, 2NE1, etc. The SK waves suddenly ended in my life when I lived in the dorms during my college days. I lost access to great internet connection at home plus I was pretty busy in school 24/7. So when I decided to watch the DOTS… oh boy… I’m back to my old self and got upgraded.

After DOTS, I started watching other KDramas which were in peak in the later part of 2016. This includes Love in the Moonlight (LITM), Goblin, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (WFKBJ) (this is the featured photo above) and Hwarang. After DOTS, I watched LITM because it is a gender bender drama where the character of the female lead (portrayed by Kim Yoo Jung; btw, she was only 17 when she did the drama and she was really good) disguised himself as a man who serve as eunuch for the crown prince Lee Young (portrayed by Park Bo Gum; he was the same age as me). I was really into the drama and the lead actors that I started watching YouTube videos about them. In the course of that stalking, I came across a video where Bo Gum was a guest in a variety show 2 Days 1 Night and with that moment, my SK wave upgraded because I was hooked in 2D1N that up to now I am still watching the episodes weekly (actually, after writing this I’ll watch the episode this week haha).

During the course of watching KDramas, I was able to observe that some of the actors in the drama were quite familiar. In DOTS, one of the doctors there was Onew from SHINEE. This particular example finally completed my SK revival because I was able to listen again to KPop idols and currently I am listening to my KPOP Playlist in Spotify HAHAHA (NP: Party by SNSD). I also watched dramas by Kim Soo Hyun like My Love from the Stars and The Producers (these dramas gave Soo Hyun two Grand Awards which is the reason I watched them and he was a great actor indeed). My favorite drama among them all is the Weightlifting Fairy because the two lead characters (portrayed by the newest couple of K-Town Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ) really made the love story very light hearted and kilig.

Anyhow… Currently, I stop watching KDrama because I can’t afford to binge watch again. The last drama I watched was My Love from the Stars. I was watching it while commuting from work and when I got home. It led me to sleep past 3 in the morning. I can’t afford to do that again because right now I need to rest properly to do my daily routine at work without feeling sleepy. I still have a lot of KDramas to watch but I’ll postpone it for now. I still listen to KPop everyday and also watch videos related to K-Town. My normal K-Town routine right now is to watch 2D1N every week HAHA Lastly, with the K-Town vibes back in my system… I am now planning to go to SK next year and right now… I’m saving up money to make this drawing colorful HAHA With that, if you have read the end of this post and you could give me some tips, please do so because maybe this will be my very first out of the country trip. I guess that’s it for now… have a great day ahead!



A Thomasian chemical engineer by profession but a happy kid inside who loves to keep everyone happy and positive. He tries to create this blog to enhance his communication skill and also share his insights to anyone.

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