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The Sunday Currently Volume 7

Hi there! TSC Blog is back. I really love this section because it really gives me an easy article write up among all postings. Plus, it also allows me to be more personal with my blog. As I said in my previous TSC article, Sundays are quite rare days for me to sit down and do some stuffs for the blog. However, I succeeded in opening my blog, tweak it a little (as you can see from the homepage, I already updated my status as well as the author quick information) and now, I am writing another TSC Blog so with no further interruption, let’s start this thing!

WRITING TSC Volume 7 and also will start writing up an article regarding how I view the PH lately as well as the much awaited Zambales getaway 😛 (finally after n number of years I WILL NOW POST IT HERE)

LISTENING to Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift and also Holiday by Girls Generation. Girls Generation made their comeback last month after 2 years of hiatus for their 10th year anniversary in the KPOP world. I was really excited when the teasers were being released then on the day of the album release, I started listening to the whole album almost everyday (especially on my way going to the office). It was cut off lately due to the newly release single of Taylor Swift. I was listening to it intently because it was really catchy to the ears but I guessed that was the new trend for pop singers in the US… (I don’t hate the song by the way since it was really genius for her to do that but somehow I still love the old Taylor back rather than dead right now)

THINKING mostly about my pending items at work (month end closing and a lot of projects) and also my new role in the office (I’ll tell you more about this in the next articles). Well, mostly about work but I’m also thinking about some of my hanging projects in our church, my vacation trip in the coming weeks (the reason I need to post the Zambales trip very soon because I have an incoming item for posting again) and also my life in general (a lot of my high school batchmates are getting engaged… I know I should not think about it because everyone of us has their own time but… but… but… oh, nevermind)

SMELLING nothing… I am alone right now in the lower floor of our house at around 11 in the evening so I guess nothing hahaha

WISHING that I have the best year ahead again since I recently celebrated my 24th birthday. Well, I am claiming to the Lord that 2017 will end at the best way possible He can give to me and to my family as well as looking forward for a better and brighter 2018 for me and my family, as well. 

HOPING that the Lord will grant my everyday wish to always bring blessings to me and my family and for us to be reminded of His great power in our lives. For those who are reading this, kindly include me in your everyday prayers 🙂

WEARING a boxer short and a black shirt since I’m going to bed after posting this one… not to sleep but to watch Bride of the Water God

LOVING everything that happen for the past few days since it’s a very special week for me… My birthday was celebrated quite early with a quick trip in Pansol, Laguna with some of my college friends. They prepared a supposed-to-be surprise celebration but one of the celebrants ruined it by getting the surprise cake for the both of us HAHA. It was followed by advance greetings by some people. Then on the day itself, September 1st, I was really touch by everyone’s action. When the clock strikes 12, my team and other teams in the office started singing a happy birthday song to me which I rarely got. Then, my friends in previous workplace also sent a video message greeting me a happy birthday which I was also surprised by their action. Then, my two best friends greeted me earlier before 12 since they were quite busy and our schedules did not match up. By morning, my mom wake me up very early in the morning to greet me a happy birthday before they left for their final practice before their performance the next day. Then, I spend my whole morning with my lovable dog, Poofs, before I went to work. At work, my team prepared a surprise cake and pancit for us to enjoy which I was also surprise by how my team lead prepared everything as well as my beshie at work on helping the preparation. Then, I treated them with a simple team dinner together with my previous team lead and teammates. Then yesterday, my mom wake me up again because they had a surprise cake for me and prepared a sumptuous breakfast for us to enjoy as a family. I really feel the love the people have in me for the past few days and I’m thankful for everyone who remember my special day.

WANTING to be the best staff and leader in my new workplace even I am still a rookie since now the possible reward was put in a higher notch… a business trip to KRAKOW, POLAND!

NEEDING A VERY GOOD SLEEP BECAUSE I AM LACKING A LOT HAHAHAHA (I know it is still the same answer like last time… with the wording and format the same… but I tried but honestly, my team was quite stretch the past few months that I have an urge to do an extra mile but it also means LACK OF SLEEP but still whenever I have the opportunity, I sleep most of the time so thanks for one weekend this August where I was sleeping the whole weekend hahaha)


CLICKING the WordPress tab to since I’m serious now on posting articles in the blog!

Oh well, I guess the TSC blog became a path for me tell you that it was my birthday last Friday and it was freaking awesome and that ends a new volume for TSC blogs! Watch out for new entries in the coming days! Have an awesome and great day ahead!

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A Thomasian chemical engineer by profession but a happy kid inside who loves to keep everyone happy and positive. He tries to create this blog to enhance his communication skill and also share his insights to anyone.

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