What Is This? Who Am I?

I really don’t know how to write let alone start this one up… I thought that I just need to tell you who I am (well, technically speaking it is called about me but I guess I need to tell more) so at first I just wrote a typical bio page in paragraph form… Well, here I am rewriting this page…

Perks of Life is my personal blog where I try to express myself on what keeps me happy in this roller coaster life. As we all know, life is not equal and fair. Everyone gets a share of its ups and downs but I always see that whatever life throws at you, you could still pull a string of happiness with that. This is the working foundation of the blog – you always choose what makes you happy. If you are looking for happiness, I wish that the blog is one of the places for you to get it. I always try to make this tiny speck of space in the internet an interesting one by putting different series. Right now, I am trying to run four series – Bear Trips is the space where I share my whereabouts on indulging myself; Cray Cray Life is like my online diary where I write significant life lessons and experiences along the way; The Sunday Currently is the series of blogs where I typically share what is currently the status of my life that specific Sunday; and lastly, If You Care is the bucket where I share my opinions on certain matters.

I launched the blog almost two years ago but it was not the first time I did something like that. I tried a lot of times to launch a personal blog but it did not materialize because I had many excuses not doing one. 2015 was the time that where I was able to have a time to myself and I finally decided to launch Perks of Life. Even with many failed attempts in the past, the sole reason that I want to launch a blog remains the same – a personal space where I can express what makes me happy, what I like to do, what is running in my mind and the likes. I utilize also this platform for me to have an outlet where I can further develop my skill gaps in communication (I believe this skill is my AFI or area for improvement for the longest time and I want to address it).

Now that I told you the story of the blog, let’s now look to who started this mess. In my life documents, my name is Lemuel but I am used to be called as Lemu by most of the people so feel free to call me that one also. I am located here in the shoe capital of the Philippines – Marikina, since I was a little baby. In documents, I am a chemical engineer by profession who is now working in one of the multinational energy companies here in the Philippines (let’s say it has one similar color with my alma mater). In life, I am a Christian in my heart and soul and I believe that everything I enjoy today is through God’s love and presence in my life. I am also a proud growling Thomasian alumnus by heart, single and ready to mingle (haha should I really tell this one?), very cuddly since I’m quite a big guy here and lastly, a bubbly and humble person inside out (now I’m going overboard on this one hahaha but this is a truth!!).

I guess that’s about me and the blog! If you want to learn more on who am I and what I can bring, then visit the blog quite often or better, subscribe or follow the blog 🙂 I am also happy if you could drop by any comments so that I can improve further (as I said I’m a beginner and very willing to learn) so I’m looking forward to your insights.

Feel free to contact me through email if you have any questions or something!




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