About LEMU

Hi there! My name is LEMU short for Lemuel John Avergonzado Beronio! I am 22 years old and born on September 01 (it also means the start of the so-called “BER” months). I was born at Talibon, Bohol and live my entire life at Marikina. I am the very first registered chemical engineer in our family. I finished my Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering degree at the Royal and Pontifical University of Santo TomasI finished high school at Marikina Science High School.

I am the eldest son of Lisa and Moises and the eldest sibling of Ivan and Princess. My dad is a professional seafarer or commonly known as seaman while my mom is a housewife since then. I have two siblings but it should be three. We have an eldest sister Karen but due to God’s plans, she left us when she was still young. My parent’s province is located at Bohol and Misamis Oriental and I only got to Bohol twice (the first when I was young the other in my college fieldtrip). Never been in my dad’s province at Misamis Oriental and hopefully I can go there very soon. I have no grandparents left but was able to meet my one of my grandpa when I was a kid and live with my grandma before she died.

Okay enough with my family history. The reason why I made this blog is for me to have an avenue to voice out my honest opinions to the world plus for me to share the perky things in life because I believe HAPPINESS IS THE KEY TO LIFE 😀 I guess this is one of my principles in life that kept me standing still with the challenges in life! I hope that this blog would help me also develop my communication skills and also share things that may become a beacon of inspiration to others.

Well I guess this is about me for now. I will keep you posted with any updates in my bio. I guess I will first introduce you to my post’s footer…


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