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Hi there guys! This will be the very first “The Bear Food Trip” post for 2016! Let’s start the new year with a bang through my very first food experience at the prestigious and high class commercial buffet restaurant here in the metro… NIU by Vikings!

NIU (which literally means “nine” in the Viking language) was the 6th buffet restaurant opened by the famous Vikings Group here in the Philippines since 2011. Unlike a typical Vikings Buffet Restaurant, NIU takes you to a hotel restaurant like experience once you enter its portal. Guests dining at NIU can take a pleasure of eating local and international cuisines created by globally established chefs from Michelin Star restaurants while enjoying a comforting grandeur ambiance. It offers each guest a high class and polished Vikings experience! For me, it is a fine dining Vikings experience! Let’s take a look! Continue reading “THE BEAR FOOD TRIP: NIU BY Vikings”

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2015 was a great year for me! I guess it is the best year up to date with all the happenings for the year! It is also the year where I guess I’ve been eating a lot because I am a stress eater. Food is also one of the things that I reward myself during the review for the licensure exams. I’ve eaten in a lot of places but there are 10 places that has a place for my heart this year! Let’s look at the Top 10 food places for me this year!
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Hi there guys! I’ve been very active lately because I have more time now compared months ago. If you noticed, I put up new sections like CRAY CRAY LIFE (a place where I can express what is happening in my life) and the The Sunday Currently (TSC). Now, I also want to share my little adventures and trips in my life through the new series BEAR. I used BEAR because most of my friends called me bear because I looked like a teddy bear. Since I’m still can’t get over with me becoming a licensed engineer… I guess I’ll tell you about how do I celebrate becoming a licensed engineer the day after… Today’s story is BEAR’S BGC CELEBRATION ADVENTURE. Continue reading “BEAR TIME STORY Volume 1”