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TRY: Cinema on Your Own

Hi there! If you can see, I have a lot of series here in my blog and I guess I only added one article per series so right now I’ll do my best to fill up things here and there. I’m still a beginner here, as you can see. Right now, I’ll start again a new series (HAHA HERE I GO AGAIN HAHA) but it will be under the “Bear Category” and this is the first post for the TRY SERIES. In the Try series, I’ll share to you something that I will try for the first time in my years of existence. Just a quick FYI, the first time I board an aircraft and going to an amusement park was the year of 2015. As you can see, I still have a lot of first time to do compared to others. So I’ll use this series to share my experience of doing this first time. For the very post of the series, I would like to share my very first experience of watching in a cinema by your own. Continue reading “TRY: Cinema on Your Own”

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1st Day in Blog U!

Hi there! I am LEMU, a quite new blogger. Well, I am still learning and I believe I still have a lot to learn. We commonly here these words…

Learning is a life long journey. It doesn’t end when you leave the four corners of your school. It is a continuous process until the end!

I agree with that 100% and this is the primary reason why I created my blog a year ago. My main goal is to develop myself further in expressing myself. Friends used to tell me that I am an extrovert but I believe that I am extrovert sometimes but mostly, I am an introvert who finds it hard to express my ideas especially to the public or strangers. In every situations or events happening in front me whether good or bad, I always generate ideas and thoughts which I only kept on inside the confined space of my brain. When I created my blog, I believe that it will help me to further express my thoughts and ideas to everyone which will enhance my confidence as a person.

Unluckily, I was not able to keep track on my goal and to be honest, there comes a point that I just want to stop doing this especially on my situation during the whole year. The past few days, I was deep in thought whether to shut down my blog completely or go back again to learn blogging. I decided today that I’ll keep the blog and start learning again! This is the reason why I enrolled in Blogging University! Well, today is the first day of Blog U post here and it is FIRST FRIDAY (not here in Philippines, it is already Saturday here).

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How is 2017 so Far?

Hi there! May is coming already! Look how time flies so fast… half of the year is already coming to an end soon. Just a quick update! I have my new laptop already in place with all the necessary clutter I need to work on my blog. I am still struggling on sleeping early and being productive but so far so good. Watch out for new blogs about life, reflection and the Zambales trip. Looking forward to a lot of things this May so wish me the very best! I guess that’s it for now so wishing everyone a great day ahead!