Starting Fresh and Positive!

Hi there! It’s really hard for me to keep the blog updated about my whole life. Well, the only reason I can’t is that I can’t squeeze anytime during weekends or off hours because I am sleeping very late these days. To give some light on the situation, my working hours are from 3:00 PM to 12:00 MN PST since we are following the UK office hours (working in a back office support for UK operations for a multinational oil  and gas company). Once I got home, I went off to bed at around 3:00 AM so I know it was my fault. Basically, what is happening in my daily routine is to sleep, prepare, go to work, work, go home and repeat the cycle. Today, I am seating in the couch when an idea suddenly pops in my head. Today, I come to a decision to start fresh in everything and create a more positive outlook in life. This is the reason why I am writing this blog right now.

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2016: The Year of Patience

Time flies so fast! 2016 is quite a roller coaster ride for history (just think how 2016 really messed things up just here in PH and in some parts of the worlds… ehem.) But for me, 2016 is a new series in life. 2016 became the “Year of Patience”, a year of challenges and struggles in life.

Just a quick background on the post: I started this post as a draft a few weeks ago with the title Patience. I planned to write something to cope up with my hopeless feeling at that moment. Even though I started it, I never have the motivation to write it because I was losing the battle with my negative feelings at that time. Today, I saw the drafts in my blogs and saw the first few lines of this drafted post. I will rewrite this draft and convey a new message of how I see 2016.

I started a year with a very positive attitude since I am licensed chemical engineer and can venture to explore my career. At that, I was really ready to land a job that could kickstart my engineer career. I was eager to apply in any opportunity at hand and went to every interview and assessment. 1Q of 2016 ended and I was still jobless. A lot of my applications for the past three months was a failed mission.

The lowest point of the year was around March. I was applying in this company (food and beverage industry) in their management training program. I was aiming for this certain position because I was interested in how they describe the program. I did my 110% best to ace every assessment and interviews. I was really investing every effort to land the position but in the end, I was not shortlisted for the position. It was the first time I cried my heart out due to frustration and depression (well, I was depressed because during the final interview, the HR Director told us that no one is qualified for the position… her statement made a big impact on my feelings at that time). I was starting to doubt my abilities, skills and whether I could still be employed. I was really on my depression bubble for a few days but I was able to pull myself up through the help of my mom and friends.

While I was still in my depression bubble, I received an update on another company (oil and gas industry) that I did not expect. My last update on that company was few months before their last update so I assume I was not able to pass the interview. They called me for a final interview and I was able to land the said position. This opportunity came with a twist since it is a training program without a guarantee of employment at the end. You can be offered for a position if you do your best, an availability and you will be able to pass a new set of assessments. With these conditions, I really gave more than 100% of my best to satisfy my superiors and learned everything as possible for them to see that I am a great asset and a good addition for the company. I finished the training with flying colors and the approval of my superiors. With that, they started my assessments for organic employment as soon as possible before my training ended. Unfortunately, I was not able to secure a schedule for the final interview with the VP so I ended the training unemployed by October 2016. I was really sad that I need to leave the company since I was no longer a trainee but also with a big hope that I’ll be back ASAP.

Well, I patiently waited for that company to call me. A few weeks after training ends, a lot of companies contacted me for a job opportunity. I agreed to come to their assessments but my heart was still with my previous company. One of the companies who contacted me was the same company where I cried because they rejected me. They were offering a management trainee again for another department and I was able to land that role. I was hesitant to signed in that company because of many reasons (love for the previous company, the benefits, etc.) so I asked the HR (the HR last time was different this time) if she knew why I was not chosen previously. What she knew was I was not chosen that time because my happy and jolly personality was too much for the profile of someone for the previous department and my advantage for the current department where I will be joining. With that answer and final thoughts on the matter, I rejected the job offer and I started again the game of patience just like the start of 2016.

I was confident to reject the offer because I still have an active application with my previous company awaiting the schedule of final interview with the VP. December came and still the only update they gave to me was “awaiting VP schedule”. My other applications for other companies were still awaiting schedules and I told myself that “again, I will be unemployed as 2016 ends” and started doubting again myself. (A little story: I guess I will not be frustrated if my co-trainees was not yet employed. Unfortunately, there were a few of my co-trainees already employed right now yet they started their assessments later than me. I felt a little disappointed because I was able to finish the lower level interviews weeks before them yet they were the first to be selected for the VP interview and be employed. I am glad for them but I felt disappointed on how we were handled by the HR. I don’t know the technicalities of the hiring process so I still gave the benefit of the doubt to the HR) With these things turning out, I accepted my fate that 2016 is year full of crap not just in history but to my life as well (the reason I was not able to finish this drafted post then)

Through God’s grace, a blessing came from Him a week before 2016 ends. I applied online for some positions at this company’s career site (a direct and multinational competitor of my previous company) on the day of my sister’s birthday. I was not expecting anything from them because I still see myself as a fresh professional with only a few months of training and here I am applying for a multinational company already. The next day I wake up with a call from an unknown number. When I answered, she was an HR from the company I applied yesterday and she was calling for an initial screening of my profile. Deep inside, I was mentally shocked because it was unexpected for them to call me but of course outside, I tried my best to be calm because I love to have an opportunity with them. The call ended like a dream for me but it was really happening because I was invited for a final interview by next week. During the interview, I believe I did my best but still inside I believe my experience is insufficient enough to be hired in such company and they told me that I will here an update from them a week or two weeks from that day. Then, the next day I was dreaming that I was informed that I am chosen for the position and asked to come to their office the next day for a job offer session. I thought I was dreaming but it is the reality. I AM HIRED BY DECEMBER 29, 2016 by a multinational oil and gas company here in the Philippines. It was really “IS THIS FOR REAL!?!” moment for me. I am really thankful with the Lord’s blessings because I was able to complete all requirements and get a clearance for my medical from their clinic.

2016 was really a memorable year for me. I was challenged throughout the year. My patience and endurance was tested every corner of the year and it was all worth it! One of my worries was leaving the opportunity in my previous company. During my stay at that time, I transformed my career path in a mindset that I’ll be with this company after my training. I was able to get the trust of my senior engineers and superiors. I learned to love the workplace in every aspect. I am still thankful for the wonderful time and memories I was able to build in that company. I will always miss every aspect of the complex as well as the people and friends I met at that time. I guess it is not the fault of my superiors and senior engineers that I was not called (until now by HR) because I believe they started my assessment earlier than others and they regularly asked the HR for an update. It is also not my fault because I did my very best to show them how I can be an excellent addition to the workforce and I was able to succeed and get the trust of my superiors.

I can not wait for them for so long (it’s been almost four months of waiting) I was losing my luster as a candidate and if I keep on waiting for them, I may lost good opportunities along the road. This is the primary reason (aside from the good compensation and benefit, tbh HAHAHA) why I accepted the offer from my new company. This post also serve as a way to write off my worries on the feeling of betraying my previous company (since they are rivals in the industry) but I believe that if I am qualified and great addition to a company based on my training results, why would you let that person wait for such a long time. Oh well, my experience for 2016 really tested my patience on the different challenges. I was able to endure all of them and I believe the gift the Lord gave me last December 29 is the greatest reward I got from Him. I wish 2017 would be another great year for learning again and I hope it would be a lot better than 2016 not just for me or my family but to everyone as well. To the new year, 2017 BE AWESOME!


Handling Rejections

There comes a time that you will stop being fixated with your books and notebooks and start your professional career. Well, I am now on that point of your life. I am now trying to find my very first job. I tell you it is very hard to find one. I passed applications online, walked in to many corporate offices, called by one company yet here I am still unemployed. I was about to get one but … I guess here is the story. Continue reading “Handling Rejections”


Busy, Eh?

Hi there! BER months are here and radios are starting to play Holiday songs regularly on the air. It also means that a lot of my pending posts are still on the draft table awaiting publication. I have ton of things to share but I’ll try to finish one thing at a time. As of the moment, I’m satisfied with how the blog looks though I still need something to tweak on it. Hoping I could post an article within the week so wishing everyone a great day ahead!



I’m supposed to be at a party today but thank you Typhoon Onyok for letting me stay indoors (I am being sarcastic here). Instead of letting myself indulge in my sad feelings, I’ll let myself ponder on what the year it was. 2015 is a big year for the Philippines. It kicked off with the Papal Visit of Pope Francis and ended with the country hosting the APEC Summit 2015. It is truly a momentous year for us Filipinos and it was the same for a kid named Lemuel John A. Beronio. Let us look at 2015 as a year of the first and a year of celebrations for this kiddo! Continue reading “THE 2015 IN REVIEW: MY BEST YEAR”



I don’t know where to vent out my frustrations and my sadness for today… So I’ll just leave a very quick post here… I don’t know if I’ll delete this by tomorrow or coming days… I wish I could tell someone now my feelings but all I can do is cry right now… I hope if someone can read this will pray for my inner peace 🙂 I really hate myself whenever my insecurities run wild… while I’m crying here… I hope everyone out there is having an AWESOME AND BLESSED DAY TODAY :’)



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