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Hi there! I told you on my earlier blogs that I’ve been on a staycation after my short stint as a trainee in a certain company. The title of the post in English is hello or in Korean… annyeonghaseyo. Today, I’ll share to you how I say hello again to my Korean spirit during my staycation days!

As I what I said on my earlier post, after training in October I was unemployed and stay at my parent’s house for at least four months. The next question: What do you do if you have a lot of time on your hands, you have limited funds to indulge yourself but your home has a good internet connection (5MBPS, this is one of the greatest plan for home broadband here in PH… I’m happy but IT HAS A LOT TO IMPROVE -___-) ??? Let’s find out what I did.

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Starting Fresh and Positive!

Hi there! It’s really hard for me to keep the blog updated about my whole life. Well, the only reason I can’t is that I can’t squeeze anytime during weekends or off hours because I am sleeping very late these days. To give some light on the situation, my working hours are from 3:00 PM to 12:00 MN PST since we are following the UK office hours (working in a back office support for UK operations for a multinational oil  and gas company). Once I got home, I went off to bed at around 3:00 AM so I know it was my fault. Basically, what is happening in my daily routine is to sleep, prepare, go to work, work, go home and repeat the cycle. Today, I am seating in the couch when an idea suddenly pops in my head. Today, I come to a decision to start fresh in everything and create a more positive outlook in life. This is the reason why I am writing this blog right now.

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TRY: Cinema on Your Own

Hi there! If you can see, I have a lot of series here in my blog and I guess I only added one article per series so right now I’ll do my best to fill up things here and there. I’m still a beginner here, as you can see. Right now, I’ll start again a new series (HAHA HERE I GO AGAIN HAHA) but it will be under the “Bear Category” and this is the first post for the TRY SERIES. In the Try series, I’ll share to you something that I will try for the first time in my years of existence. Just a quick FYI, the first time I board an aircraft and going to an amusement park was the year of 2015. As you can see, I still have a lot of first time to do compared to others. So I’ll use this series to share my experience of doing this first time. For the very post of the series, I would like to share my very first experience of watching in a cinema by your own. Continue reading “TRY: Cinema on Your Own”

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Hey there! How are you today? If you are living here in Metro Manila, I hope you have a good morning in spite of the everyday traffic. I also hope that you are not able to read a news article I just saw earlier this morning regarding a statement of the Palace to MRT Passengers. If you want, I can furnish you the link here but may I remind you to calm yourself as you read the article. Well, for those of you who does not have the time to check out the article, I’ll just give you the title of article so that you will be curious enough to check it out!

Palace to MRT passengers: Try other modes of transportation (GMA News Online)

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Guest Speaker Eh?

Last Tuesday, it was the graduation day of my youngest sister as an elementary student. All of us (three siblings) went to the same school in our elementary days. Let’s turn back time when I accompanied my mom to my former school to visit my sister. At that time, I recently passed the boards so mom was telling to some people she knew that I passed it and visiting my former school was not an exception. So Mom told the principal (who is the same principal when I graduated there) that I passed the boards and I graduated with flying colors and then, at the end of the day, she told me, “You will be our guest speaker in our graduation program this March.” Deep inside I said, “HUH?!? BAKIT AKO?!? ANO DAW?!?” but I did say to them, “Okay po. Nakakahiya naman.” So here I was last Tuesday, attending the graduation not just a simple family guest but the honorable guest speaker of the day. I was nervous as always (since I am not incline in public speaking but working on it) but it was really a great experience to share something and gave back to my former alma mater. I am sharing to you the text of my speech: Continue reading “Guest Speaker Eh?”

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Hello there everyone!! I would like to welcome you in my very first #IFYOUCARE post! I am very sorry it took almost a month before I can post a new one because of my review schedule. Do not worry I am still alive and I am still learning to do a quite good personal blog. For the pioneer post in this section I want to share my honest opinions on MAPOTI: Most Annoying People On The Internet. Continue reading “MAPOTI PROBLEMS!”