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The Sunday Currently Volume 7

Hi there! TSC Blog is back. I really love this section because it really gives me an easy article write up among all postings. Plus, it also allows me to be more personal with my blog. As I said in my previous TSC article, Sundays are quite rare days for me to sit down and do some stuffs for the blog. However, I succeeded in opening my blog, tweak it a little (as you can see from the homepage, I already updated my status as well as the author quick information) and now, I am writing another TSC Blog so with no further interruption, let’s start this thing!

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The Sunday Currently Volume 6

Hi there! It’s been a year since I did the last TSC blog. Usually, Sunday is time for family and also for the Lord. Every Sunday, our family is in the church whole day (I’m Baptist by the way) due to different activities. It is very rare that we are at home during Sunday like today. Today, we stay at our home because my dad came yesterday. I used this opportunity to write another TSC blog here. So let’s do this!

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The Sunday Currently Volume 1

Hi there guys!!! It is sunday and another week to look forward to! I want to welcome everyone first to a new series in my blog THE SUNDAY CURRENTLY!!! This series is based on another blog and I just want to join the bandwagon because of someone (if you know ALDUB you know what I mean) You may check it out also here or make yourself a version by clicking here!!! Continue reading “The Sunday Currently Volume 1”