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The Sunday Currently Volume 5

Hi! It’s been a long time since the last time I made this kind of post (to be exact, almost half a year). Well, the so-called “adult life” is happening right now! I’ve been busy with my very first work. Actually, I am currently a trainee in a company where am I right now. I need to push a great effort to become an organic employee in this training. So far, I am doing well and I really hope that the people around me can see my potential. I hope I can catch up the things I want to share to you for the past three months. For now, let’s enjoy another session of TSC!

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Hi there guys! I’ve been very active lately because I have more time now compared months ago. If you noticed, I put up new sections like CRAY CRAY LIFE (a place where I can express what is happening in my life) and the The Sunday Currently (TSC). Now, I also want to share my little adventures and trips in my life through the new series BEAR. I used BEAR because most of my friends called me bear because I looked like a teddy bear. Since I’m still can’t get over with me becoming a licensed engineer… I guess I’ll tell you about how do I celebrate becoming a licensed engineer the day after… Today’s story is BEAR’S BGC CELEBRATION ADVENTURE. Continue reading “BEAR TIME STORY Volume 1”