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The Sunday Currently Volume 5

Hi! It’s been a long time since the last time I made this kind of post (to be exact, almost half a year). Well, the so-called “adult life” is happening right now! I’ve been busy with my very first work. Actually, I am currently a trainee in a company where am I right now. I need to push a great effort to become an organic employee in this training. So far, I am doing well and I really hope that the people around me can see my potential. I hope I can catch up the things I want to share to you for the past three months. For now, let’s enjoy another session of TSC!

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Hey there! How are you today? If you are living here in Metro Manila, I hope you have a good morning in spite of the everyday traffic. I also hope that you are not able to read a news article I just saw earlier this morning regarding a statement of the Palace to MRT Passengers. If you want, I can furnish you the link here but may I remind you to calm yourself as you read the article. Well, for those of you who does not have the time to check out the article, I’ll just give you the title of article so that you will be curious enough to check it out!

Palace to MRT passengers: Try other modes of transportation (GMA News Online)

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Guest Speaker Eh?

Last Tuesday, it was the graduation day of my youngest sister as an elementary student. All of us (three siblings) went to the same school in our elementary days. Let’s turn back time when I accompanied my mom to my former school to visit my sister. At that time, I recently passed the boards so mom was telling to some people she knew that I passed it and visiting my former school was not an exception. So Mom told the principal (who is the same principal when I graduated there) that I passed the boards and I graduated with flying colors and then, at the end of the day, she told me, “You will be our guest speaker in our graduation program this March.” Deep inside I said, “HUH?!? BAKIT AKO?!? ANO DAW?!?” but I did say to them, “Okay po. Nakakahiya naman.” So here I was last Tuesday, attending the graduation not just a simple family guest but the honorable guest speaker of the day. I was nervous as always (since I am not incline in public speaking but working on it) but it was really a great experience to share something and gave back to my former alma mater. I am sharing to you the text of my speech: Continue reading “Guest Speaker Eh?”


Handling Rejections

There comes a time that you will stop being fixated with your books and notebooks and start your professional career. Well, I am now on that point of your life. I am now trying to find my very first job. I tell you it is very hard to find one. I passed applications online, walked in to many corporate offices, called by one company yet here I am still unemployed. I was about to get one but … I guess here is the story. Continue reading “Handling Rejections”


Busy, Eh?

Hi there! BER months are here and radios are starting to play Holiday songs regularly on the air. It also means that a lot of my pending posts are still on the draft table awaiting publication. I have ton of things to share but I’ll try to finish one thing at a time. As of the moment, I’m satisfied with how the blog looks though I still need something to tweak on it. Hoping I could post an article within the week so wishing everyone a great day ahead!

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Hi there guys! This will be the very first “The Bear Food Trip” post for 2016! Let’s start the new year with a bang through my very first food experience at the prestigious and high class commercial buffet restaurant here in the metro… NIU by Vikings!

NIU (which literally means “nine” in the Viking language) was the 6th buffet restaurant opened by the famous Vikings Group here in the Philippines since 2011. Unlike a typical Vikings Buffet Restaurant, NIU takes you to a hotel restaurant like experience once you enter its portal. Guests dining at NIU can take a pleasure of eating local and international cuisines created by globally established chefs from Michelin Star restaurants while enjoying a comforting grandeur ambiance. It offers each guest a high class and polished Vikings experience! For me, it is a fine dining Vikings experience! Let’s take a look! Continue reading “THE BEAR FOOD TRIP: NIU BY Vikings”